Zak Jakubowski

Zak Jakubowski is a reporter at Accountancy Daily

Insight / Coronavirus: essential updates for accountants

To assist accountants, tax advisers and auditors in dealing with the coronavirus crisis, all our related covid-19 coverage will be available here as soon as new announcements are made, plus expert analysis

Insight / Covid-19: accounting and tax institutes cancel exams

Students in the accountancy sector may have longer to revise as exams are pushed back due to the covid-19 crisis, although some exams may go online, reports Zak Jakubowski

Insight / Covid-19: ‘Your NHS needs you’ to volunteer

The NHS needs an army of 250,000 volunteers to support the 1.5m people who are at high risk during the virus outbreak, reports Zak Jakubowski 

Insight / Covid-19: urgent government action needed to support self employed

MPs and accounting professional bodies are calling on the government to put urgent measures in place to help the self employed and sole traders deal with the covid-19 crisis, including a business loan with a 15-year repayment term and extension of the 80% rule to self employed and gig workers

Tax / Tax tribunals cancelled until further notice, select committees running

All tax tribunals at the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) and Upper Tribunal level have been postponed unless proceedings can be held online while parliamentary committees are reviewing their operational procedures, reports Zak Jakubowski

Insight / Which financial services employees are classed as key workers?

Parents whose work is critical to the covid-19 response, such as workers in the financial market infrastructure, can qualify to have their children in school as part of government measures to support the economy during the covid-19 crisis

Tax / Chancellor tells MPs business loans effective 'beginning of next week'

Chancellor Rishi Sunak told MPs at a Treasury committee hearing the justifications for the government's decision to provide loans not grants for businesses and stressed that detailed guidance would be available from the start of next week, reports Zak Jakubowski

Tax / Taxman cans paper self assessment forms

HMRC is to stop automatically sending taxpayers paper self assessment forms except for exempt individuals who cannot file digitally

Insight / HMRC postpones north east office closures

HMRC has made changes in its office closure plans by extending the life of hubs in Washington and Bradford on a transitional basis

Tax / Lords suspect IR35 manipulation

Members of the House of Lords are not buying into IR35 confusion as ‘suddenly they did not understand it when more tax is being collected’

Tax / Contractors charged £180 for IR35 assessment

Some recruitment agencies are passing on the costs of IR35 assessments to contractors even though liability for the decision will legally remain with the original engager

Tax / Budget 2020: extra powers for HMRC to combat tax avoidance promoters

The government will ramp up its campaign against promoters and marketers of tax avoidance schemes by taking swifter action and charging 100% penalties on the fees they earn, reports Zak Jakubowski

Tax / Budget 2020: tax announcements at a glance

The complete collection of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Budget announcements on tax with expert analysis and highlights of individual tax measures from Accountancy Daily

Tax / Budget 2020: company car taxable benefits

As announced at Budget 2020, company car tax rates temporarily reduce to meet WLTP change, CO2 emission thresholds, and van and car benefit charges. Zak Jakubowski reports

Tax / Budget 2020: motorhome road tax aligned with vans

A major shakeup of vehicle excise duty rates for motorhomes will see a hike in road tax rates which will take immediate effect, reports Zak Jakubowski