Year end tax planning for companies - NEW CPD module

This month’s exclusive Accountancy Daily CPD module will look at year end tax planning for companies and how to carry out an effective pre-year end review of the company’s tax affairs

This module will not consider sole trader or partnership businesses. To begin, we’ll look at how to plan an effective review, sketching out the steps you may want to take in dealing with your client. Next, we’ll consider prior periods. For open periods, it may be that a claim or election could be made, varied or revoked to your client’s advantage.

We’ll then look at issues to bear in mind with regard to the current year. The objective here is to spot opportunities to reduce the client’s tax bill.

Finally, we’ll look ahead to the next period. It may be that steps could be taken now to reduce tax payable in the future, for example, with regard to a proposed transaction.

Completing this module will enable you to:

  • plan an effective review so that you make the most of your time;
  • look back at prior years in order to identify any potential actions;
  • identify opportunities for the current year to reduce your client’s tax bill; and
  • make suggestions for the next period to help your client plan for the future.

This CPD module takes 20 minutes to complete and is followed by a short quiz to ensure thorough learning. There are also detailed course notes to ensure a full learning experience. Any CPD learning is also automatically added to Your CPD Tracker.

The CPD course lecturer is Stephen Relf ACA CTA, senior tax writer at Croner-i.

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