Year-end tax planning for companies - CPD module – NEW

This month's exclusive Accountancy Daily CPD module focuses on how to carry out an effective pre-year end review of the company’s tax affairs

It is important to know how to plan the tax affairs of a company efficiently for prior, current and future years, for example: where a company has paid tax which it believes not to be due, and it has no other options open to it for claiming relief, it may make a claim for the tax to be repaid.

The claim must be made in writing no later than four years after the end of the relevant period. A claim can be made in limited circumstances only

Circumstances in which a claim cannot be made include where the overpayment of tax relates to a mistake in a claim or election or in making/not making a claim or election.

By completing this module year-end tax planning for companies, you will be able to:

  • plan an effective review so that you make the most of your time;
  • look back at prior years in order to identify any potential actions;
  • identify opportunities for the current year in order to reduce your client’s tax bill; and
  • make suggestions for the future in order to help your client plan for the future.

This CPD module takes 20 minutes to complete and is followed by a short quiz to ensure thorough learning. There are also detailed course notes to ensure a full learning experience. Any CPD learning is also automatically added to Your CPD Tracker.

The course lecturer is Tony Jenkins CTA, a freelance tax lecturer with his own practice and has over 30 years’ experience in training and advising clients in all types of businesses.

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