Wolters Kluwer launches integration tool to link to cloud accounting applications

The UK software division of Wolters Kluwer has launched an initiative to integrate its UK software with a number of UK cloud accounting providers in a move that helps accountants improve efficiency and their service offering to small and medium sized businesses

The Open Integration Programme will allow data to be shared between cloud applications and Wolters Kluwer’s CCH Central software suite which combines tax, accounting and auditing functionality based around a single client database.

Using the new system, accounting practices will be able have all their client data in a consistent format no matter what cloud accounting system their client is using. Effectively this means that instead of working with financial data and accounts payable from multiple different software programmes, the practice will be able to use the open integration programme as a conduit to pull in financials from multiple sources.

This data will then be displayed in a single product viewable in CCH Central. The new interface effectively overrides the current problem of handling data from clients all using different software programs and cloud accounting solutions.

As well as eliminating the need to re-key data from one system to another, which wastes valuable chargeable time, the programme will allow accountants to access and analyse all relevant financial data in a single dashboard.

Four major UK accounting software providers - Intuit QuickBooks, Exact Business Software, Free Agent and Xero - have signed up to the programme. Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting is in talks with Sage with a view to signing up the software house to participate in the programme.

The software partnership means that key accounting software programs can export their financial data into CCH Accounts Production.

The QuickBooks add-on, AccountantHub, can intelligently map from a QuickBooks trial balance for a seamless import to CCH Accounts Production. There is also a mapping file for data import to CCH Accounts Production from Exact Software, Free Agent and Xero.

Claire Carter, managing director UK and Ireland, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting said: ‘We put the accountant at the heart of everything we do. This is about changing the way the software market works but this is not about us, it is about the accountant and the issues they face.

‘We want to remove the obstacles to practice efficiency that are caused when a client chooses a different online accounting application from the one preferred and used by their accountant.

‘We want our accountants to be able to win new clients and serve their existing clients, regardless of the cloud software their client is running.

‘We want to enable the accountant to focus on what they do best – giving the best advice to their clients and helping their clients grow their businesses. That should be the focus, irrespective of the book-keeping software the client is using.’

Find out more about Wolters Kluwer Open Integration Programme here

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