Wholesalers top HMRC’s £13m deliberate tax defaulters list

HMRC’s latest quarterly list of deliberate tax defaulters is topped by three wholesale suppliers, each of which paid over £1m in penalties for underpaid tax, while fast food outlets, hairdressers, hauliers and grocery shops also feature among the more than one hundred ‘named and shamed’ businesses found to be owing some £13m

Glasgow-based Zamco, a wholesaler of alcoholic drinks, paid £1.7m in penalties on around £1.9m of tax owing. Hobson’s Choice Stores from Sheffield had to pay £1.4m having failed to pay over £2m of tax owing, while Birmingham-based PRB Trading, which dealt in wholesale clothing, faced £1.6m of penalties for non-payment of £1.9m in taxes.

Other defaulters included a Mayfair nightclub, which had to pay £281,698 having been found to owe £435,055. A London fish and chip bar faced a £29,000 penalty, while a similar shop in Croydon had to pay £122,370.

Two members of the medical profession are on the list which includes the names of those who have received penalties either for deliberate errors in tax returns or for failing to comply with tax obligations. An orthopaedic surgeon based in Surrey was found to owe £247,000 in tax related to income from employment and property, for which the penalty was set at £116,707.  A radiologist from Doncaster paid a penalty of £44,130 on £96,989 of undeclared income from diagnostic work.

Also featuring on this quarter’s listing were a London childminder, who was judged to owe £47, 632 in taxes and paid a £18,338 penalty, and a tutor and assessor from Wigan, who owed £27,582 and paid £11,101 in penalties. 

HMRC only publishes details where the taxpayer has not made a full and immediate disclosure either before or during an investigation, and the information is made publicly available for a maximum period of 12 months.

HMRC deliberate tax defaulters list issued 19 Sep 2019

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