What are the key HR issues for accountants?

As an accountant in practice or finance, how well do you know your HR? Find out more at Best in Business

If there's one thing about Best in Business, it's that we cover everything so you can be the best.

It is crucial to avoid HR mistakes that could damage your reputation in the employment market or within your own business. Let's take the necessary steps to minimise these risks.

We are delighted to announce HR expert Amanda Chadwick as our next speaker at our Best in Business Conference 2023. Amanda is a well-recognised speaker with years of experience in HR and teaching employment law, and will be covering our HR Update session.

This session will help you:

  • identify prime employees;
  • showcase their costs and benefits;
  • give you an overview of budgets; and
  • understand HR and related legal issues.

Plus, you can make the most of our limited-time Easter sale. Claim a 30% discount off your ticket with the code: ‘EASTERSALE’.

When running a firm and managing people, it is crucial you get your HR right.

One thing we cannot promise you is that you will secure a ticket to this conference easily. With odds of less than 1%, you might not make it. But there are four chances, and one thing is for sure if you don’t try, your chances are 0%. And that’s the truth.

If you get a ticket, then besides learning, you will be earning 14 CPD points. You can also network with your peers. So, do yourself a favour, and don't waver. Book your opportunity today.

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