Welsh Revenue Authority opens online land transaction tax portal

The Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) is opening land transaction tax (LTT) registrations from 20 February, in readiness for the first devolved taxes in Wales for around 800 years, which come into operation from 1 April 2018

LTT will replace stamp duty land tax in Wales from 1 April. Conveyancers and similar professionals in Wales, and across the border in England who carry out transactions, are being encouraged to register from 20 February in readiness for filing tax returns.

A dedicated tax calculator has been launched on the tax authority’s website to assist service users.

Dyfed Alsop, chief executive of the WRA, said: ‘We have been testing our new tax system with professionals in Wales and across the border in England since last November, to make sure we develop a bilingual, digital system that’s effective and efficient for our service users.

‘In the run up to April, we will continue to work closely with membership bodies and partner organisations to help support our service users, so that the transition to the new tax system is as smooth as possible.’

The WRA is also responsible for collecting and managing landfill disposals tax (LDT), replacing landfill tax (LfT), in Wales from 1 April. Landfill site operators have been able to register for LDT since 25 January, to allow time for them to comply with the new legislation before 1 April.

There is more information on the WRA website here.

Report by Pat Sweet

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