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Croner-i ran a webinar on business restructuring and the tax implications hosted by Peter Rayney on 3 November - it is now available to download

Are you confident with handling demergers? Are you up to speed with the tax implications? If you are even slightly unsure, then you can register for our upcoming webinar where renowned tax specialist Peter Rayney, author of Practical Corporate Tax, will be taking you through a simple and practical way to look at corporate reconstructions.

Corporate restructuring is driven by the practical or commercial needs of the business but, as ever, tax plays a big part.

Getting the tax wrong can be very costly.

The business world is rapidly changing, leading many companies and groups to rethink the way they are structured and operate – and they need their advisers to help them make those changes effectively.

The webinar is now available to download if you missed the live event.

The webinar covered the following topics:

  • the commercial drivers;
  • the various tax reorganisation rules;
  • the key stamp tax issues; and
  • various available structures.

Download the webinar now



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