Tax / Online marketplaces to sign agreement tackling VAT fraud

HMRC wants all online marketplaces operating in the UK to sign an agreement to ensure their sellers understand the tax rules and to help tackle online VAT fraud and errors taking place on their platforms, with estimates suggesting a tax loss of between £1bn and £1.5bn in 2016 to 2017

Tax / Taxpayer rights under Human Rights Act explained

HMRC has issued factsheet CC/FS9 on the individual rights of taxpayers who are facing penalties for non-compliance with tax rules, focusing on article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights

Tax / VAT: issues of single and multiple supply

Stanley Dencher, senior technical writer at Croner-i, examines various recent tax cases where questions have arisen over whether a deal should be treated as single supply or multiple supply for VAT

Tax / Call for devolved VAT in Scotland

The Scottish parliament should be given responsibility for setting VAT rates post-Brexit as existing legal obstacles to VAT devolution will no long apply, according to Reform Scotland, an independent, non-party think tank, which says Scotland needs to widen its tax base

Tax / Q&A: VAT registration and company incorporation

Croner Taxwise VAT consultant Sally Atkins examines the implications of the VAT registration for companies choosing to incorporate from the start of the 2018/19 tax year

Tax / Top tips: reclaiming VAT on international business expenses

Brendon Silver, CEO of VAT IT, reveals the top tips for businesses to get the most out of their expenses, what to look out for and how to break out of a habit of simply putting off claiming back

Tax / VAT updates: April 2018

Graham Elliott, VAT expert at City & Cambridge Consultancy is confused by HMRC’s reasoning in the Dynamic People case regarding the exemption of the special method, housebuilders’ input tax block clarified, insurance-related supply issue put into question twice

Tax / Treasury committee launches VAT inquiry

The Treasury select committee is launching a VAT inquiry, which will examine the burden on businesses, the pressures of Brexit, issues around dispute resolutions and how to improve the process of making VAT policy

Tax / Government dispenses additional £15m from tampon tax fund

The government has announced the list of charities and good causes which will benefit from £15m of funding from the latest round of the tampon tax fund, bringing the total handed out to £47m

Tax / Two thirds of UK businesses lack post-Brexit VAT strategy

Businesses are failing to prepare for the impact exit from the EU will have on their tax affairs, according to research by BDO which found that 65% of UK companies lack a formal VAT strategy, leaving many looking for professional help in determining the best approach going forward

Tax / HMRC updates VAT guidance on exemption for cost sharing groups

HMRC has published a briefing note and VAT information sheet on the changes to the VAT exemption for cost sharing groups, after recent European court cases ruling on several issues

Tax / Donaldson: post-Brexit VAT regime will create trade friction

Iain Donaldson, partner at Hill Dickinson, considers the barriers to frictionless trade under a post-Brexit VAT regime facing hard or soft borders

Tax / Spring Statement 2018: not a tax non-event

Chancellor Philip Hammond kept his first Spring Statement short and sweet, instead updating the public on the state of the economy and choosing to save any tax measures for the Autumn Budget. Expert tax writers from Croner-i summarise the 13 consultations announced in preparation for this fiscal event

Tax / Online platforms ‘jointly and severally’ liable for UK VAT

New legislation making online marketplaces more accountable for VAT fraud committed by online sellers on their platforms have come into force this week, as part of a package of measures in Finance Act 2018 which the Treasury says are set to raise an additional £1.2bn in tax

Tax / Nunn: review of VAT threshold needs to be sensible

Among the slew of consultations announced in the Spring Statement this week, the decision to review the VAT threshold is perhaps one of the most important. Yvette Nunn (Fellow) ATT (Fellow) MAAT, director of Berkeley Associates, considers the complexities of overhauling the threshold