Three out of four accountants use social media

More accountants are using social media than ever before - 77% of 1,100 accountants surveyed said they made use of social media, up 10% in the last two years.

The survey, conducted by Wolters Kluwer UK (WKUK), found that just over a third of accountants visit social media sites at least once a day, while a further 27% use social media several times a day.

The popularity of mobile devices has also surged - two-thirds of professionals now access social media via their smartphone and more than 40% do so with a tablet, which has now trebled in usage within this sector since WKUK conducted the social media survey two years ago.

The survey also found that the tide is turning in relation to the age profile of those trying out new media - older accountants who were previously considered tech-adverse, have finally begun to embrace social media - over 38% of survey participants were over 51 years old.

While Twitter usage among accountants appears to be stable - with a total of 43% of respondents saying they use Twitter, and 18% using it in their professional lives, LinkedIn remains the most popular social media tool, 67% of social media users reporting that they use it in their business life.

But Facebook usage remains low. Although 80% of respondents use Facebook, only 12% use it for professional purposes, and only 2% maintain an account solely for this purpose.

With regards to blogging, 84% of accountants said they did not use the social media tool at all and only 10% did make use of this tool in their professional life, while Google+ is showing signs of growth in popularity as numbers are steadily growing and 14% reported using it in their professional and personal lives.

Commenting on the research findings, CCH Software managing director, Simon Crompton, said that social media is now an established part of the business landscape.

'Although a good deal of social media activity is still purely person to person, social media websites are increasingly being used to support commercial activity in both B2C and B2B markets. There is evidence that consumers perceive social media as a more trustworthy source of information than some traditional ways of marketing professional services,' said Crompton.

The results of the survey are available to download HERE

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