Anne Cowley

Anne Cowley

Anne Cowley ACA, is a senior manager, national accounting and audit at Deloitte and previously was senior technical writer for audit and accountancy at Croner-i Tax and Accounting, from 2016-2018, and a regular contributor to Accountancy Daily, focusing on FRS 102, 101 and the wider UK GAAP issues facing accountants.

She has a wealth of technical knowledge and experience gained from working in ICAEW’s technical advisory service, advising chartered accountants on a wide range of technical and ethical issues, and in Deloitte’s central technical accounting and financial reporting team, specialising in New UK GAAP.


Accounting / Small business accounts: deferred tax - part 6

The treatment of deferred tax under new UK GAAP is rather more challenging than first expected, warns Anne Cowley ACA. Deferred tax takes on a greater role in FRS 102 accounts, appearing more frequently than before due to the extended ‘timing difference plus’ approach adopted by the new standard

Accounting / Small business accounts: investment property - part 5

In the fifth of our exclusive series on small company accounting, Anne Cowley examines the key new UK GAAP changes for small businesses accounting for investment property and explains how small rule changes can create substantial challenges 

Accounting / Companies Act: share capital and restructuring pitfalls - part 3

In part three of our series on share capital and the Companies Act 2006, Anne Cowley ACA gives a snapshot of some of the key opportunities and potential pitfalls for companies considering changing their corporate structure

Accounting / FRS 102: three-year review proposes revisions to directors' loan accounting

In the first triennial review of new UK GAAP, the standard setter is considering changes to reporting of directors’ loans, investment property and the definition of financial instruments. Anne Cowley ACA assesses the proposals and impact on company reporters

Accounting / Companies Act: share capital and merger relief - part 2

Anne Cowley ACA considers the treatment of share for share exchangesin mergers and acquisitions and the impact on share capital under Companies Act 2006, sections 611-615

Accounting / Companies Act: share capital and company structure - part 1

The majority of UK companies incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 (CA 2006) are limited by share capital. Unsurprisingly, the requirements for issuing and maintaining share capital are numerous and complex. Having an awareness of this area of company law is one thing, but being familiar with it is a stage further, and that familiarity can help to identify opportunities to reassess, streamline and simplify a company’s capital structure, says Anne Cowley ACA

Accounting / Small business accounts: financial instruments - part 4

Anne Cowley ACA considers potential pitfalls when reporting and accounting for director’s loans, fixed asset invements and derivatives under new UK GAAP, with tips and advice for smaller businesses considering adopting FRS 105

Accounting / Small business accounts: transition to new UK GAAP - part 3

In the third of our exclusive series on small company accounting, Anne Cowley ACA provides useful tips and advice on the move to the new accounting rules for small business

Accounting / Small business accounts: audit threshold exemptions - part 2

In the second of our exclusive series on small company accounting, Anne Cowley ACA discusses how small businesses need to revisit new audit exemption thresholds to avoid compliance problems

Accounting / FRS 105: pros and cons of using micro accounts regime - part 1

In the first of our exclusive series on small company accounting, Anne Cowley ACA considers the pros and cons of choosing the FRS 105 accounting regime for micro businesses, with tips and advice on the key issues to consider when applying new UK GAAP

Accounting / Small business accounts: company reporting under FRS 105

In readiness for application of FRS 105 accounting rules for micro businesses and FRS 102 Section 1A for small businesses, our expert technical author Anne Cowley ACA will be looking at New UK GAAP through the eyes of a small company, providing clear analysis, essential tips and practical help on how to tackle the challenges ahead – from preparation right through to filing

Accounting / Abridged accounts under FRS 102: essential reporting tips

For accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2016 (with earlier adoption permitted), small companies have a new option to prepare abridged accounts. Anne Cowley ACA, CCH senior technical writer, considers the options

Accounting / Snapshot: how has accounting changed for LLPs under New UK GAAP?

Limited liability partnerships (LLPs) have always had two sources of primary accounting guidance: accounting standards and the LLP SORP, the latter updated to be consistent with FRS 102 Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK. Anne Cowley ACA, CCH senior technical writer, and Helen Lloyd FCA give a snapshot of significant changes