Katharine Bagshaw

Katharine Bagshaw

Katharine Bagshaw FCA is a chartered accountant and technical author specialising in audit and a member of the ICAEW and IFAC SMP committee. She is a regular contributor to Croner-i eCPD®.

Audit / AQI 2015: tension rising between audit firms and regulator

Recurring issues in the latest annual Audit Quality Inspections Annual Report 2014/15 (AQI) reports may test the spirit of co‑operation between the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) and accounting firms, warns Katharine Bagshaw FCA

Audit / Improved audit reports: credit where it’s due

Time will tell whether the additional information in the extended auditors' reports is actually used as hook on which to hang discussions between investors and companies, as was intended, and whether the currency of the binary ‘fairly-presented-or-not’ report will be eroded, as feared, says Katharine Bagshaw FCA

/ Audit under FRS 102: how to comply with new UK GAAP

The introduction of new FRS 102 accounting rules effective for accounting periods beginning 1 January 2015 means that audit processes will need to be overhauled, warns Katharine Bagshaw FCA

Audit / Audit materiality – why it matters after Tesco debacle

As the number of audit tenders rises, investors are closely examining auditor disclosures about materiality and audit scope, says Katharine Bagshaw FCA 

Audit / New-style audit reports: the complete picture

The UK is breaking ground with new-style audit reports which provide a fuller picture of auditor findings, says Katharine Bagshaw

Audit / ISA 720: potential changes to auditor reporting responsibilities

Changes to IAS 720 mean that auditors may have to justify how they audit the non-financials, says Katharine Bagshaw FCA

Audit / Checks and balances: audit exemptions for small business

New rules on audit exemption mean that fewer companies will need an audit. Katharine Bagshaw FCA considers how this will reshape the profession

Audit / Clarified ISAs – A Clear Vision

When it comes to clarified ISAs, failing to plan is planning to fail, say Martyn Jones and Katharine Bagshaw.

Audit / Financial Reporting - a roadmap to international auditing standards

Despite the focus on global accounting standards, we should not forget that there is also a 2005 deadline for global auditing standards, says Katharine Bagshaw FCA