Tax / DUP silence allows Finance Bill amendments through

Divisions over the government’s Brexit agreement has caused Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to deliver a stinging blow by failing to back the government on amendments to the Finance Bill proposed by opposition parties

Tax / Government caves in to pressure on fixed odds betting changes

The government has been forced into a U-turn over the planned timetable for reducing the stakes on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs), which will now be introduced in April 2019 following public and political outcry and a ministerial resignation

Tax / Offshore time limit change 'unnecessary and undesirable' say Lords

Lord Forsyth has written to the Chancellor on the subject of the changes to offshore time limits, expressing misgivings about the lack of consultation at early stages and the impact it will have on honest taxpayers

Tax / EU plans 3% digital services tax by end of 2018

The EU is considering proposals to introduce a digital services tax on multinational tech giants, mirroring the UK's proposed digital tax, with the French finance minister calling for agreement before the end of the year

Tax / Treasury’s cat not creaming off cash

Taxpayers have had a ‘purr-fect’ Budget present with the news that Gladstone, the Treasury’s resident cat with specific mouse hunting duties, is not costing them a penny this year and has not been on the payroll - either as a full-time employee or via a personal services contract - since his appointment

Tax / ‘Cracks showing’ in HMRC performance under Brexit pressures

MPs are warning 'cracks are showing' as HMRC seeks to manage a ‘daunting’ workload in advance of Brexit, with mounting concerns about the possible impact of delays introducing its new customs system on businesses adapting to a new VAT regime

Tax / Denning: US may strike back at digital services tax

Chris Denning, head of international and corporate taxation at MHA MacIntyre Hudson, suggests that the US might retaliate against the UK’s digital services tax introduced in the Autumn Budget

Tax / Digital services tax sets ‘dangerous precedent’ says US

The Chancellor’s plans to introduce a 2% digital services tax on large digital platforms, announced in the Budget, have come under fire in the US, with a strongly worded letter from the Chamber of Commerce to the US Treasury demanding the White House takes action to counter a ‘dangerous precedent’

Tax / Budget 2018: Chancellor plans Brexit 50p

The Chancellor’s Budget included a handful of initiatives intended to bolster his statement that ‘the UK is entering a new chapter and the era of austerity is finally coming to an end’, including a special Brexit coin, money for veterans’ charities and funding for community projects

Tax / Budget 2018: consultations on trusts and R&D tax relief in pipeline

The government is to carry out a number of consultations into current tax and accounting policy, including R&D reliefs and the implementation of IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts, and has yet to determine a direction for the long-standing issue of taxation of trusts

Tax / Budget 2018: an end to PFI contracts

The Chancellor announced that Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and PF2 projects would no longer be used by the Conservative government

Tax / Budget 2018: business rates for SMEs slashed

The Chancellor is to substantially cut business rates for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as part of a packet of measures designed to stave off criticism from business representatives and reduce the impact of decreasing footfall and rising costs on the high street

Tax / Budget 2018: corporation tax rates remain unchanged

The Chancellor has confirmed that the corporation tax rate will remain unchanged from the previous Budget, staying at 19% at present - the lowest of the G20 nations - and changing to 17% from 2020

Tax / Budget 2018: lifetime allowance for pensions rises

Despite widespread rumours in the run-up to the Budget that pensions tax relief for higher rate taxpayers would be cut, the Chancellor only tweaked pensions allowances

Tax / Budget 2018: measures tackling £2.1bn of tax avoidance

The Budget included the Chancellor’s announcements of a further clamp down on tax avoidance, evasion and unfair outcomes, which is designed to raise £2.1bn by 2023/24