Called to account

Insight / Extended bankruptcy for FC who diverted employer’s funds

A financial controller has received a 13-year bankruptcy restrictions order (BRO) following a trial for diverting funds from her employer to herself, after an investigation by the Insolvency Service

Insight / Four-time bankrupt hit with fourteen-year restriction

A man who has been made bankrupt four times has been handed a 14-year bankruptcy restriction, for obtaining credit without disclosing to his lenders he had been banned from doing so

Insight / Ex-accountant property developer sentenced for VAT fraud

A city accountant turned property developer who created false invoices to commit £260,000 VAT fraud has been given a suspended jail sentence following an HMRC investigation

Insight / Pub landlords disqualified over insolvency abuse

Two pub landlords from Cheshire have been disqualified for seven years after an Insolvency Service investigation found they had abused insolvency laws to avoid paying debts, while continuing to keep their pub open

Insight / Absconding manager jailed for tax fraud

The manager of a male stripping troupe, who was sentenced in her absence for tax and benefit fraud, has been jailed after more than a year spent on the run

Insight / Jail for ringleaders of tax fraud labour gang

The ringleaders of an eight-strong gang of labourers from the West Midlands have been jailed for attempting to steal £300,000 through fake tax claims which were uncovered during an HMRC investigation

Insight / Called to account: April 2018

In this month's roundup of cases and disqualifications, HMRC triumphs in Cyclops tax avoidance case, 12-year ban for director over fake invoices, jail for tax fraudster over £280k

Insight / Businessman banned for moving £1m to avoid paying debts

A boss of an Aintree-based construction firm has banned from running companies for eight years after he moved more than £1m out of his failing business to avoid paying debts

Insight / Church leader jailed for £150k gift aid fraud

A church leader from Luton, who lied about charity donations to fraudulently claim £150,000 gift aid repayments, has been jailed for four years after an investigation by HMRC

Insight / Rapper jailed over $1.5m tax fraud

US rap artist and actor DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, has been given a one year jail term after he pleaded guilty to a $1.7m (£1.2m) tax fraud and admitted he ‘wasn’t following the rules’

Insight / Twin brothers jailed for £450k gift aid scam

Identical twin brothers from Birmingham, who set up bogus charities to steal more than £450,000 in gift aid repayments, have been jailed for nearly 10 years following an HMRC investigation

Insight / Ferrari-owning businessman jailed for £9.8m VAT fraud

A high-flying businessman who masterminded a £9.8m international VAT fraud to fund his lavish lifestyle of flash cars and a luxury Spanish home, has been jailed for nine years following an HMRC investigation into a complex web of fake transactions

Accounting / UK’s ‘first ever’ prosecution for false company information

Companies House has won the UK’s ‘first ever’ successful prosecution for providing false company information against a businessman who included senior MPs as directors in his companies without their knowledge

Insight / Money-launderer to repay £1m or face seven more years in jail

A Buckinghamshire man, who laundered money from the development of an online banking service used by criminals, must pay back £1,018,085 within three months, or spend another seven years in prison and still owe the money

Accounting / ‘Significant weaknesses’ lead to £1m Scottish council fraud

A £1m fraud perpetrated at Dundee city council was the result of failures in fundamental controls within the council’s financial systems and could have been limited if it had addressed ‘significant weaknesses’ in its invoicing system, an investigation by Scotland’s Accounts Commission has found