Tax / EXCLUSIVE: Top 75 Firms hit £15bn barrier in 5% growth surge

Fee income at the Top 75 accounting firms has reached a record £15.75bn, increasing revenue by more than 5% in the last 12 months despite a barrage of criticism of the Big Four audit firms over contentious listed audits, Brexit concerns and business uncertainty

Insight / Top 75 Firms survey 2019: record revenue despite heightened scrutiny

After a difficult year for the dominant Big Four accounting firms, harsh criticism of audit quality and market concentration, not to mention the launch of a number of hard-hitting reviews into the audit sector, revenue in Accountancy Daily's Top 75 Firms Survey 2019 has soared to a record £15.75bn across the leading UK firms with staff hires rising. Philip Smith analyses current trends, financial performance and the future outlook

Audit / FTSE 100 and Big Four alumni survey 2018: who are the real power brokers?

Increasing focus on the quality of audit in the UK means that the Big Four audit firms are under severe pressure with threats of breakup and radical reform. In our exclusive annual FTSE 100 Big Four Alumni survey, Philip Smith analyses the inextricable link between UK boards and the top audit firms

Insight / Big Four alumni 2018: who’s working at the audit regulator?

As Big Four audit firms come under increasing pressure amid concerns about market dominance and conflicts of interest, Philip Smith asks how independent the Financial Reporting Council is as the regulator

Audit / Two thirds of FTSE 100 CFOs ex Big Four audit firms

Despite increased scrutiny, there is still an inextricable link between the boards of the FTSE 100 and the UK’s Big Four audit firms with almost two thirds of FTSE 100 CFOs and audit committee chairs being former partners or staff, according to Accountancy’s annual FTSE 100 and Big Four alumni survey

Audit / FTSE 100 audit market nears £900m in annual fee income

Despite attempts by regulators to reform the audit market, including the ongoing Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) market review, the Big Four audit firms continue to dominate the £899m listed audit market, according to Accountancy’s exclusive FTSE 100 Auditors Survey

Audit / FTSE 100 Auditors Survey 2018

Amid unprecedented political scrutiny and a second competition probe, the Big Four audit firms continue to hold a vice-like grip over the FTSE 100 audit market, now worth nearly £900m. Philip Smith provides a detailed breakdown of total audit and non-audit fees by FTSE 100 company, plus tenure lengths and year ends from our exclusive Accountancy auditors survey

Insight / Accounting network revenue hits $200bn globally

In this years' Accountancy Network and Associations annual survey, the Big Four networks continue to dominate the global accounting market as combined revenues hit $200.12bn (£150.80bn), while the UK accounts for 10% of all global revenue at $19.4bn, reports Amy Austin

Insight / Top 25 survey 2018: UK outlook for global accounting networks

The UK accounts for 10% share of global fee income from the global networks and associations with total UK revenue hitting $19.4bn, up from $18.8bn year on year, despite the threat of Brexit and increasing scrutiny of the audit market, reports Amy Austin

Insight / Top 25 survey 2018: increased disclosure improves share of women partner numbers

More global accountancy networks are reporting gender diversity numbers with 14 (56%) out of the 25 firms in this year's survey voluntarily providing a gender breakdown of their partner numbers as the number of female partners reaches an all-time high, reports Amy Austin

Insight / Top 25 survey: global accounting networks & associations 2018

The Big Four networks dominate the global accounting market as combined revenues hit $200.12bn (£150.80bn), a rise of 6% on the previous year, while Deloitte holds onto number one position, reports Amy Austin

Audit / FTSE 250 Auditors Survey 2018: turning up the heat on audit firms

Big Four dominance of the £269m FTSE 250 audit market is under fire as MPS set alight competition and mid-tier firms fail to gain market share. In the annual Accountancy FTSE 250 auditors survey, Philip Smith examines the latest trends in audit fees and the lack of competition from outside the Big Four

Insight / BAME firm survey 2018: ethnic diversity stalls at the top firms

In Accountancy's second BAME Survey ethnic diversity at the top 10 accounting firms has stalled, showing very little growth over the past two years. Amy Austin examines why progress is so slow and why certain groups are shunning the profession altogether

Insight / Top 75 Firms trainees survey 2018: the trainee perspective

Amy Austin talks to a range of apprentices, school leavers and graduates across a range of accounting firms about the struggles of studying whilst working, why university is not always the answer, and where they see themselves in the future

Insight / Top 75 Firms trainee survey 2018: trainee numbers plateau

Trainee numbers are being squeezed despite demand for skilled staff, with the total number of trainees only growing by 2.8% in 2017 compared to an 18% rise in 2016, putting pressure on accounting firms. Philip Smith analyses the top 75 firms trainee numbers, salaries and qualifications by institute