Insight / Farnell: when is an accountant not an ‘accountant’?

Hiring an accountant is not always as transparent as one might think as anyone can say they are an accountant, regardless of whether they have specific institute endorsed qualifications. Sean Farnell, partner at Burgis & Bullock, says it is high time this shoddy state of affairs was reviewed and calls for tighter controls on who can call themselves an accountant

Tax / Tax liability and business entertainment – NEW CPD module

This month's CCH Daily CPD module looks at the tax treatment of business entertainment, the relevant principles and the exceptions, with detailed advice on the types of expenses which can be claimed under relevant tax law

Tax / Capital gains tax: gift relief – NEW CPD module

This month’s CCH Daily CPD module focuses on identifying when gift relief may be available under the capital gains tax (CGT) regime, while explaining how the relief operates and can be claimed with regards to shares and residence issues 

Tax / Engagement letters and tax clients - NEW CPD module

The latest CCH Daily CPD module focuses on tips and advice on how to write effective engagement letters for tax clients to ensure certain levels of protection in the event of increasingly tough tax sanctions and penalties

Accounting / CPD module - property, plant and equipment under FRS 102 - NEW

This month's exclusive CCH Daily CPD module focuses on FRS 102 and the treatment of capital versus repairs in annual financial statements, outlining the differences and enabling reporters to understand how to distinguish between the two items under new UK GAAP reporting rules

Accounting / FRS 102: deferred tax - CPD module

The latest CCH Daily CPD module covers deferred tax under new UK GAAP (including FRS 102 and FRS 105), looking at the difference between old UK GAAP requirements and FRS 102. The Lecturer is Steve Collings

Insight / Accounting for academies – NEW CPD module

The latest CCH Daily CPD module on accounting principles for academy schools under the new Academies Accounts Direction (AAD) 2015/16

Insight / Principal Private Residence Relief and CGT - NEW CPD module

The latest CCH Daily CPD module on how Principal Private Residence Relief (PPRR) operates, the key issues and the procedure for main residence election

Insight / CIMA discusses closer links with CIPFA and ICAS

CIMA has opened talks with both CIPFA and ICAS about offering their members routes to CIMA membership and the chartered global management accountant (CGMA) designation, with further details to be made available later in the year

Accounting / Transition to FRS 102 for small entities - NEW CPD module

The latest CCH Daily CPD module on new accounting rules under FRS 102 focuses on transition issues for small entities, disclosure requirements and transactions that may not need to be restated

Tax / Income tax and buy-to-let compliance - NEW CPD module

The latest CPD module from CCH Daily inc Accountancy Live focuses on income tax compliance issues under the new buy-to-let tax rules and clarifies the requirements for purchasers of second homes and buy-to-let properties

Insight / ATT membership hits record number of tax experts

The Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) has reached a membership milestone with 8,000 members – its highest ever number of practicing tax advisers and compliance experts

Accounting / LLP SORP and Regulations - NEW CPD module

The latest CPD module from CCH Daily inc Accountancy Live focuses on limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and the new LLP SORP and Regulations

Tax / CPD module on homeworking, expenses and tax relief - understanding expenses rule changes

The latest CPD module from CCH Daily inc Accountancy Live focuses on expenses, tax relief and tax compliance issues for homeworkers and the self employed

Insight / ACCA and British Council in global exam network agreement

ACCA and the British Council have signed an agreement to provide a global, secure exam centre network for ACCA’s paper-based exams (PBE) and computer-based exams (CBE) in the UK and in the 100 countries where the British Council operates