Tax planning

Tax / Treasury revises oil and gas tax history compliance

The Treasury has published detail of the alternative schedule to the decommissioning relief deed (DRD) that oil and gas companies are required to sign before they elect to transfer their tax history

Tax / Q&A: interim dividends and distributable reserves

In our regular Q&A series from Croner Taxwise, tax adviser Alexander Fielding considers the legal and tax implications of paying interim dividends when a company has insufficient distributable reserves

Tax / HMRC call centre connection times deteriorate

One in five taxpayers are not satisfied with HMRC’s digital services despite the tax authority’s push to move all services online, while wait times to speak to an adviser worsened in February with nearly a third of callers waiting more than 10 minutes to speak to an adviser

Tax / IFS slams failure to uprate tax thresholds

As the new tax year starts, having thresholds in the tax system which do not rise with prices means increasing numbers of people are being drawn into higher tax bands in a way which is neither planned nor transparent, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) is claiming

Tax / Dodwell: digitising tax system removes control from taxpayers

In the face of tax digitisation, HMRC may be removing control over tax contributions from individuals to the state. Bill Dodwell, tax director of the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) argues that a review of the design of the tax system is overdue

Tax / Call for urgent six-month delay to loan charge

The loan charge all-party parliamentary group has written to Mel Stride, financial secretary to the Treasury, calling for him to suspend the loan charge for six months after a debate was abandoned yesterday following flooding in the House of Commons

Tax / Annual money laundering supervision fee for accountants rises 130%

From 1 May, the annual renewal fee for money laundering supervision will more than double from £130 to £300 per premises, an increase of 130%

Tax / McCann: loan charge and time limits seem retrospective

Technically, the disguised remuneration loan charge is a retroactive rather than retrospective tax measure, but ill-thought legislation undermines the principle of certainty for taxpayers, warns Ray McCann CTA (Fellow), president of CIOT

Tax / IRS failing to deal with overseas assets data

The US tax authorities are having trouble dealing with the information they receive from foreign banks about US taxpayer assets under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) because of problems with the data and various mismatches, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO)

Tax / Richest pay less inheritance tax than smaller estates

The UK’s wealthiest individuals and families with the largest estates on death are paying half the effective inheritance tax (IHT) rate of many smaller estates, according to an analysis by Canada Life, which is calling for an overhaul of the IHT tax regime

Tax / HMRC head challenged over loan charge ‘misinformation’

An all-party group of MPs has written an open letter to the head of HMRC challenging him about what they dub ‘clear misinformation’ in statements made by HMRC, and then repeated by the Treasury, about the 2019 loan charge, which is set to come into effect at the end of this week amid considerable controversy, reports Pat Sweet

Tax / CFC clawback could cost UK-based multinationals millions

The European Commission has ruled that part of a UK tax scheme is illegal under EU State Aid rules, as it exempted certain multinationals, and has ordered the UK to recover the revenue

Tax / Does Lorraine Kelly's IR35 case set a precedent?

In a series of contradictory IR35 case decisions, some celebrity taxpayers have come out on top as tax tribunals have ruled against HMRC over the use of personal service companies. Aidan Grant, associate, and Peter Daniel, partner at Collyer Bristow LLP, consider the latest Kelly judgment and whether the current rules need clarification

Tax / Bull: what does a change of government mean for tax?

With Parliament fractured over Brexit, a general election and a potential change in government could follow. George Bull, senior tax partner at RSM considers the possible tax changes under a Jeremy Corbyn government

Tax / Nunn: high earning taxpayers trapped in a ‘K’ code drama

Yvette Nunn, director of Berkeley Associates, unpicks the complexity of tax coding for high earners, the dreaded ‘K’ code and the problem when HMRC’s automation leaves little room for flexibility when things go wrong, without a payroll manager to intervene