International tax

Tax / Oman mulls introducing income tax

Oman is set to introduce an income tax on high earners in 2022, the first of the Gulf states to make such a move

Tax / Brexit and VAT pt2: tour operators, online sales and overseas marketplaces

In the second of a two-part series, Croner-i tax writer Sarah Kay looks at some of the less well publicised VAT consequences of the UK leaving the EU on 31 December 2020, including the tour operators margin scheme, online sales and overseas marketplaces

Tax / Brexit and VAT pt1: mini one stop shops, tourism and VAT refunds

In the first of a two-part series, Croner-i writer Sarah Kay reviews a number of the less well publicised Brexit consequences for UK businesses trading in the EU, including the impact of mini one stop shops, tax free shopping for tourists and EU VAT refunds

Tax / Wales raises £300m in Tax Revenue

The Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) reported £300m tax raised during the last financial year in its annual report, this is the first time the national revenue raising body has reported on delivery against its Corporate Plan 2019 to 2022

Tax / Northern Ireland Trade Support Service goes live

The government is urging businesses to sign up to the new free-to-use Trader Support Service with fewer than 100 days until end of Transition period

Tax / EU travel business VAT scheme fuels Brexit uncertainty

With the 31 December Brexit leaving date fast approaching, UK travel operators facing a complex and uncertainty future under the TOMS scheme, including the possibility of registering in all 27 remaining EU states says Sovos Accordance’s Alex Smith

Tax / Victory for Vodafone in Indian tax dispute

Vodafone has won a long-running tax case in India over some £2.4bn of tax imposed by the authorities there following the telecom giant’s acquisition of a local operator over a decade ago

Tax / Non-dom tax rules begin to bite

With falling numbers and tax receipts, Crowe’s Richard Bull analyses the latest non-dom figures and questions how the government could replace urgently needed tax income

Tax / Facebook pays €106m in back tax to France

Facebook’s French subsidiary has agreed to pay €106m (£95.7m) in back taxes following a ten-year audit of its accounts by the French tax authorities

Tax / Non-dom taxpayer numbers stable

The number of individuals claiming non-domiciled taxpayer status in the UK has stabilised at an estimated 78,000 according to the latest HMRC figures, suggesting fears that a tougher tax regime would see many leaving the country are unfounded

Tax / Finance Bill 2020-21: legislation and consultations announced

On 21 July, the government released draft legislation for this year's Finance Bill, plus details of the consultations first trailed at the Spring Budget, Accountancy Daily has consolidated these announcements with full details below

Tax / Offshore bank accounts in HMRC’s sights under DAC 6

Through its disclosure facilities, HMRC learnt more about tax avoidance schemes, but from January 2021 further transparency under the DAC 6 EU directive give it greater firepower over offshore bank accounts, says Harbottle and Lewis’ Gary Ashford CTA

Tax / Tackling the £31bn tax gap: what’s next?

As HMRC reveals a shrinking tax gap, BDO’s Dawn Register and Tom Palmer investigate where and how the tax collector can find the missing billions, from a focus on offshore and the wealthy to those that simply do not pay

Tax / Early tax planning vital for those fleeing Hong Kong for UK life

Navigating the UK tax system for Hong Kong investors, immigrants and BN(O) passport holders can be very complex, as rules change and poor planning create extra tax bills, says Alfred Liu, senior associate at law firm Forsters

Tax / UK overseas territories to make company beneficial ownership details public

Eight of the UK’s overseas territories have committed to introducing publicly accessible registers of company beneficial ownership within the next three years as part of attempts to improve financial transparency, leaving the British Virgin Islands (BVI) as the only significant financial centre still to do so