International tax

Tax / Essentials: CGT liability for non-UK residents disposing of UK land

Non-UK residents will be pulled into the capital gains tax (CGT) regime for the first time this April if they dispose of UK land and property. Nimesh Shah, partner at Blick Rothenberg, examines the key tax compliance issues and how the rules are changing

Tax / Offshore tax evasion clampdown produces 5.67m financial records

The crackdown on tax avoidance and evasion by individuals with offshore financial interests has resulted in over three million reports from overseas tax authorities to HMRC about UK residents holding funds offshore as a result of data generated through the Common Reporting Standard, reports Sara White

Tax / OECD survey shows willingness to tax rich to support poor

Most people living in advanced economies want to see their government increase taxes on the rich, and almost 40% would be willing to pay extra taxes to fund healthcare and pensions, according to an OECD survey of 21 countries

Tax / HMRC targets accountants over tax evading clients

HMRC sent over 1,400 production orders to accountants, lawyers and other professional services firms last year demanding information on clients that it wants to investigate for suspected tax evasion

Tax / Hong Kong leapfrogs UK for offshore company registrations

Hong Kong has toppled the UK as the top international financial centre (IFC) for global corporate services, while the trend towards moving business to onshore and mid-shore jurisdictions continues to increase, according to research by Vistra

Tax / Lack of transparency on overseas property valued at £56bn

Over £56bn of properties in England and Wales are owned by anonymous companies registered in tax havens according to analysis by Global Witness, which is calling for faster government action on beneficial ownership registers

Tax / Scottish government consults on devolved tax policy framework

The Scottish Government is consulting on a new approach to the planning, management and implementation of the fully devolved taxes in Scotland, with the aim of bringing greater transparency and efficiency to the process, and broader engagement with taxpayers and the accountancy profession

Tax / Etherington: what's driving decline in use of tax paying trusts

With the number of tax paying trusts in serious decline, has Britain just fallen out of love with trusts or are complex tax rules and related risks driving behaviour, asks Chris Etherington CTA, private client partner at RSM

Tax / One in four businesses aware of corporate criminal offence for tax evasion

Just a quarter of businesses are aware of tough new corporate criminal offences relating to activity which is seen to facilitate tax evasion and only 8% have carried out training in this area

Tax / Blundell: fixing the international tax system

The current global corporate tax system has its flaws, but where will the proposed changes to tackle profit shifting by multinationals leave SMEs, asks Nick Blundell, partner and head of corporate tax at RSM

Tax / EU puts 15 countries on blacklist for non-cooperation on tax

EU finance ministers have updated the EU list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions and have named 15 countries on a blacklist for failing to follow up on commitments to comply with international standards

Tax / Facing up to the tax challenges of the global digital economy

An overhaul of the taxation of highly digitised multinationals would challenge long-held conventions on taxable presence and profit allocation if OECD proposals were to go ahead. Jeff VanderWolk, partner at Squire Patton Boggs, examines the viability of the latest OECD consultation on the tax challenges of the digitalisation of the economy

Tax / OECD digital tax for multinationals criticised over double taxation risk

OECD plans to radically change the global tax framework to introduce a unilateral approach to taxation of digital services have been criticised over the broad reach of the proposals, risks of double taxation and potential to be the first step towards turnover tax, reports Sara White

Tax / France moves to impose 3% digital tax

France is set to introduce a digital tax of between 3% and 5% on the French revenue of large internet companies, which could see some 30 tech giants paying around €500m (£429m) annually, if planned legislation is passed

Tax / Scotland being ‘short changed’ over government funding

Ahead of next week’s Spring Statement, the Chancellor is being urged to address claims Scotland is being ‘short changed’ as a result of additional funding being allocated to Northern Ireland