Personal tax

Tax / Taxman cans paper self assessment forms

HMRC is to stop automatically sending taxpayers paper self assessment forms except for exempt individuals who cannot file digitally

Tax / IR35 private sector reforms delayed until 2021

The government has announced a one year delay to controversial changes to the off payroll working rules, due to be enacted next month, amid concerns about their potential impact during the coronavirus pandemic, reports Pat Sweet

Tax / Budget 2020: tax-free childcare extended

The Budget has included a new measure to boost take-up of the tax-free childcare (TFC) scheme, by making it accessible to parents who use before and after school care

Tax / Contractors charged £180 for IR35 assessment

Some recruitment agencies are passing on the costs of IR35 assessments to contractors even though liability for the decision will legally remain with the original engager

Tax / BBC delays over-75s TV licence charge to August

The government has confirmed that over 75s will not be charged for a TV licence until August, a timely move as that age category faces the possibility of self-isolation in the fight against covid-19

Tax / Budget 2020: CPI rise in capital gains tax exempt amount

From April 2020, the annual exemption for capital gains tax (CGT) will increase for individuals and trustees of settlements

Tax / Budget 2020: top slicing relief on life insurance amended

The Budget set out an immediate change to the tax treatment of top slicing relief (TSR) on life insurance policy gains to reinstate the reduced personal allowance and remove the higher rate cliff edge

Tax / Budget 2020: fuel tax accelerator remains in hibernation

The Chancellor confirmed at Budget 2020 that the fuel price accelerator will not be used and fuel tax will not be hiked, maintaining a 10-year freeze

Tax / Budget 2020: pensions tapered annual allowance raised

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has used the Budget to take action on concerns raised about the impact of the pension tax regime on senior NHS medical staff, announcing plans to significantly reduce the number affected by the tapered annual allowance, which is to increase by £90,000

Tax / Budget 2020: personal allowance unchanged

The personal allowance remains at £12,500 for both this tax year and 2020/21 and was left unchanged in the Budget, reports Pat Sweet

Tax / Budget 2020: post-Brexit duty-free limits up for review

The government plans to consult on the duty-free limits of alcohol and cigarettes available to airline and ship passengers in a post-Brexit world 

Tax / Budget 2020: VAT on digital publications abolished

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has used his first Budget to announce the abolition of what he called ‘the reading tax’, stating that there would be no VAT charged on books, magazines or journals regardless of format from 1 December

Tax / Budget 2020: NIC threshold cut confirmed

Chancellor Rishi Sunak confirmed the planned increase in the national insurance contribution (NIC) threshold, which will go up from £8,632 to £9,500 from April, reports Pat Sweet

Tax / Is HMRC getting the upper hand over taxpayers in IR35 cases?

Mark Cawthron LLB CTA examines a series of recent case decisions from celebrity TV presenters to IT contractors to understand the reasoning behind the rulings on use of personal service companies, and HMRC’s one in three success rate

Tax / IT contractor loses £75k IR35 appeal

HMRC has won a First Tier Tribunal (FTT) against an IT contractor who contested almost £75,000 in taxes and national insurance contributions (NICs) due under off-payroll rules