Tax planning

Tax / Fat tax on table to tackle holiday hunger

In the wake of the campaign for free school meals during the summer holidays, RSM’s Chris Etherington looks at what other options are on the menu to tackle childhood hunger

Tax / Blick Rothenberg: Bleak winter to follow summer statement

The chancellor’s moves on job retention bonuses and VAT cuts could be delaying the inevitable failure of many companies, says Blick Rothenberg’s Nimesh Shah

Tax / Q&A: is VAT recoverable from electric cars?

In our regular Q&A series from Croner Taxwise, VAT advice consultant, Sally Atkins explores whether VAT is recoverable on the purchase of an electric car, and the input tax implications on usage of a green vehicle

Tax / Summer update: Chancellor offers job funding, VAT cuts and eat out discounts

Just four months after his first Budget, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has unveiled a summer economic update designed to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, with a commitment to encouraging job creation through a government ‘plan for jobs’ and stimulus for consumer spending

Tax / HMRC shifts guidance on public access to national treasures

Covid-19 has prevented access to land and property of significant national value, but HMRC is granting owners leeway over its tax incentive scheme, say Withers’ Charlie Tee and Louise Williamson

Tax / Hidden tax risks of raiding the pension pot

Extracting cash from your pension might seem an obvious source of income during the Covid-19 crisis, but complex tax rules mean it should only be a last resort, says LEBC Group’s Kay Ingram

Tax / HMRC tax credits renewal ‘glitch’ warning

Tax credit claimants urged to check their renewal figures and tell HMRC if any changes need to be made by 31 July, or risk receiving too much or too little credits which will be clawed back through possible penalties

Tax / Q&A: can SME's claim R&D plus Covid-19 scheme?

In our regular Q&A series from Croner Taxwise, tax adviser, Amaira Badat explores how an SME’s R&D relief claim will be affected if they also claim under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS)

Tax / IHT and CGT in spotlight as deficit leaps

The growing budget deficit is concentrating minds on radical reforms to inheritance tax, which now appear more attractive in the current climate, say Judith Millar and Alastair Collett of BDB Pitmans

Tax / HMRC fixes online tax repayment issue

The tax office has resolved its online tax repayment problem so taxpayers can claim overpaid tax they are owed for the 2019-2020 tax year

Tax / Covid-19: delays to overseas VAT claims

HMRC has admitted that changes to its working practices, as a result of the pandemic, have resulted in delays in processing and refunding VAT claims submitted under the Overseas Refund Scheme

Tax / Hidden tax perils for business debt refinancing

As the Covid-19 crisis forces more businesses to raise funds and take on more debt, MHA MacIntyre Hudson’s Chris Denning analyses the possible tax pitfalls of corporate refinancing

Tax / Q&A: reduced VAT rate for empty home conditions

In our regular Q&A series from Croner Taxwise, senior VAT consultant, Hilary Budd explains how reduced rate VAT relief for the refurbishment of empty residential premises can be applied to first and second empty homes

Tax / VAT updates: June 2020

In this month’s VAT updates, Graham Elliott considers input reimbursement, the use of CCTV as evidence and whether medical scans are VAT-exempt

Tax / Covid-19: Brits call for clampdown on business tax evasion

The public are using lockdown to take decisive action against tax avoidance practices, as a record number would rather shop with (79%) or work for (82%) a business that can prove it’s paying its fair share of tax