Simon Wright

Simon Wright

Simon Wright is managing director of He owns and manages a number of global job boards, including,, CareersinCompliance, and regional jobs board CareersinAudit Asia Pacific. The company has three offices in London, New York and Sydney.

Insight / Would you hire your online self?

Simon Wright, managing director at gives the accountancy profession some pointers on how to ensure your online presence is professional and reflects your skills and experience

Insight / Artificial intelligence, robots and accountants

Concerns about the increased automation of accountancy tasks and transactional business should not instil fear into accountants despite the impact of artificial intelligence (AI), says Simon Wright, managing director at

Insight / Top five: global career hotspots for accountants

Many of us are familiar with the expression ‘the world is your oyster.’ Yet with so much political change taking place across the globe, just how much of the world should you set your sights on when it comes to your career? Simon Wright, managing director of gives his views on 2019’s career hotspots for the accountancy world

Insight / Dealing with difficult bosses

Micromanager? Dictator? Bully? Favouritist? Incompetent? Bad bosses come in many forms and if you do not address the issue, working for them could have a severe impact on both your job performance and mental wellbeing. Simon Wright, managing director of gives the inside track on survival tactics

Insight / Dealing with work relationships

Christmas parties during the festive season are popular with most accountants and tax advisers, but do not let behaviour cross the line and consider whether relationships at work should be declared, says Simon Wright, managing director of

Insight / Wright: ethical practices must be enforced in accountancy firms

With 22% of accountants believing that a quarter of the profession have helped clients create misleading accounts, an enforceable code of ethics must be introduced to stop further corporate scandals, says Simon Wright, managing director of

Insight / Handling difficult interview questions: tips and advice

Despite preparing for an interview beforehand, many accountants are thrown off guard by tricky and unexpected questions. Simon Wright, operations director of provides advice on how to handle any difficult questions which may be thrown your way

Insight / Top ten tips: preparing for an interview

With the new year now in full swing many accountants will be searching for a new job. Simon Wright, operations director of, provides tips on how accountants can ensure they are fully prepared before entering the interview room

Insight / Why accountants need to switch off during the holiday season

With Christmas nearly upon us and many in the profession having worked hard throughout 2017, it’s surely time to look forward to at least a few days, if not a week, of rest away from the workplace.  Simon Wright, operations director of explains why the profession needs to embrace R&R around this festive time

Insight / Brain drain: how can accountancy firms stop talent emigrating?

Brexit uncertainty is causing large numbers of talented EU workers to leave the UK but this is not just down to the referendum result says Simon Wright, operations director of, who suggests lack of progression within accountancy firms plays a part

Insight / Brexit: should accountants look overseas for work?

Eight months have passed since Brexit was announced, yet with all the uncertainty still prevailing, how is this affecting the job market for accountants? Simon Wright, operations director at gives his view on whether accountants should stay in the UK or set their sights on new accountancy hotspots elsewhere

Insight / The great divide - switching careers from practice to business

A long career in business or practice can act as a deterrent to anyone considering a switch of careers. Simon Wright, operations director of says accountants need to be more gung ho and consider the career opportunities

Insight / Will accountants really become obsolete?

With the advancement of automated services there is a fear that accountants could become obsolete in the future. Simon Wright, operations director at, discusses how the role of the accountant is changing