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There is significant commentary regarding research and development (R&D) tax claims right now. We want to respond to recent commentary and developments in the R&D claim environment, claim optimisation and risk mitigation, and advise on successful and unsuccessful claims in light of HMRC enquiries.

Join us and some of our experienced R&D team members for this free webinar on Wednesday 15 June at 2pm.

What will I learn?

  • Focus on opportunities and risks with regard to R&D tax incentives claims
  • R&D claim methodology including R&D project and R&D cost eligibility
  • Key concepts for considerations regarding R&D claims including definitions
  • The regulation of R&D tax incentives claims including HMRC technical and operational issues

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Useful links

Links to commentary, legislation and other resources concerning R&D tax relief can be accessed via the Croner-i Quick Link

For detailed analysis of the R&D tax relief rules, see Croner-i’s In-Depth from ¶714-000ff

Navigate Tax modules
Identifying R&D activities and expenditure, Claiming R&D tax relief and Claiming the RDEC include a number of resources to help the adviser advise their client on making a successful claim for the R&D tax reliefs

For commentary on the relief available for capital expenditure, see In-Depth at ¶256-000

See also the HMRC Corporate Intangibles Research and Development Manual CIRD80000


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