Sage to relaunch 50 Accounts software as cloud app

Sage, the business software and services provider, is launching a new version of Sage 50 Accounts with a cloud application and a new pricing model

The main software change is a move to combine desktop, mobile and online functionality with a refreshed user interface and a subscription pricing model. The launch date is set for late August.

Users of Sage 50 Accounts will be able to access the software through the cloud via the new Sage Drive module and two mobile business management apps. The cloud application via Sage Drive is a brand new service. This means businesses can access and share their core data quickly and securely within their business, and with accountants and other partners. 

One of the new features, based on customer feedback and analysis, is one-click navigation which provides instant access to any ledger and reduces the time it takes to navigate to tasks by 44%, according to the results of a scenario-based click test completed by 2,471 people.

The number of concurrent users who can work on the same data has scaled to 20.

On the mobility front, there are new Sage 50 Accounts apps for Android and iOS. 

Peter Manning of O’Shea Manning & Co Accountants, said: ‘The opportunity to work with data in the cloud and on the desktop has been something clients have been asking for, and this is a real innovation that I think will work well for a lot of clients. Businesses are becoming more diverse and not everyone works a 9-5 day. Being able to access your accounts from different places at different times of the day is becoming more and more important.’

Lee Perkins, managing director, Start-up and Small Business for Sage UK and Ireland, said: ‘The redesign is all about providing the best of both worlds – with a great application to run in the office, linked to the cloud, so that businesses can work online with their employees, accountant and other partners.

The new subscription pricing starts from £25 per month removing upfront software costs.

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