Restaurant owner faces jail over £200k tax fraud

The owner of three Indian restaurants in Dorset has been jailed for a £203,763 tax fraud after an investigation by HMRC

Investigators found Motin Miah had lied about the takings from his Joy restaurants in Charminster, Southbourne and Ferndown to evade paying £154,763 VAT over a five year period.

Miah also evaded paying £48,943 in income tax. He never declared his income as being over £7,800 a year to HMRC but put his earnings as at least £50,000 annually on his mortgage applications. Miah also received income from properties he owned and rented out.

Miah pleaded guilty to cheating the public revenue and evading income tax before Bournemouth Crown Court and was sentenced to 32 months in jail. He was also disqualified from being a company director for 10 years.

His Honour Judge Fuller QC said: ‘Despite a body of evidence, you lied in interview and said that you weren’t in charge and didn’t know who the bosses were.’

Richard Wilkinson, assistant director, fraud investigation service, HMRC, said: ‘Miah stole more than £200,000 that should have gone to fund our public services. Instead, he lied about his takings with the sole intention of pocketing cash to fund his own lifestyle and build up a substantial property portfolio.

‘Confiscation proceedings are now underway and HMRC will continue to pursue criminals who attack the tax system.’

Report by Pat Sweet

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