Register for webinar on electric vehicles and tax reliefs

Croner-i is running a free tax webinar focusing on the tax reliefs available when investing in electric cars and vans


Save on tax and benefit the environment, by moving to electric vehicles. The government’s net zero target and record prices at the pumps are driving demand for electric cars and vans.

Join us for our webinar where we will discuss the tax reliefs available to offset the costs of buying and leasing electric cars and more...

Plus, when you register for this webinar you will receive access to a free electric car factsheet.

After watching this webinar, you will know:

  • what capital allowances are available for electric cars and vans; and
  • how employees are taxed on their use of electric vehicles, in order to ensure the business maximises the tax benefits of going green.

Register for the electric car webinar on Tuesday 16 August at 2pm

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