Qatar introduces 100% tax on alcohol ahead of 2022 World Cup

Alcohol prices have soared in Qatar after the country introduced a 100% sin tax as part of its levy on ‘health-damaging’ goods, with a price of a 24-pack of beer rising to £82 three years ahead of the World Cup

The tax came into effect on 1 January 2019 and was set by the Qatar Distribution Company, the country's only alcohol store.

The price of a 24-pack of beer cans rose to 384 riyals (£82.73), while a litre bottle of gin will now cost 304 Qatari riyals (£73.25).

Wine has also become more expensive, though not as expensive as other alcoholic beverages, with a 750ml of Shiraz from South Africa on sale for 86 riyals (£18.50).

It is legal to buy alcohol in Qatar with a permit, and alcohol is served in licensed bars, clubs and hotels but drinking in public is banned.

Organisers of the 2022 World Cup have said that alcohol will be available during the tournament but only in designated areas and will not be allowed in public spaces.

Report by Amy Austin

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