PwC helps equity house over 50p tax

PricewaterhouseCoopers has been working with a private equity house to come up with a number of 'tax planning options' that would enable top earners to avoid paying the 50p tax announced in the chancellor's budget. Private equity house,Charterhouse, has discussed a strategy that would involve three years' worth of salaries and bonuses to be paid to the high earners this year. Employees would then lend back the three years' pay to the equity house with an agreed interest rate for the following three years. A PwC spokesman told The Telegraph: 'We hosted our regular private equity industry meetings this week at which a range of issues including tax planning options were discussed.' The firm said that any strategies would not be forced upon the employees and it would 'be for individual tax payers to consider the options available to them and then decide the course of action'.
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