Property tax

Tax / CGT overhaul ‘to raise £90bn’

Bringing taxation on assets in line with the regime for income tax could raise £90bn over five years, according to a report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) which is calling for the removal of the capital gains tax (CGT) regime

Tax / VAT Q&A: property on hand at deregistration

In our regular Q&A, Vivienne Scott, senior VAT consultant at Croner Taxwise, considers the implications of deregistration with property on hand when an owner has invested heavily in refurbishment

Tax / HMRC’s approach to private residence relief (PRR) enquiries

HMRC is questioning the basis for more claims for private residence relief (PRR) than ever before as it eyes up opportunities to increase the tax take from property sales. Croner Taxwise senior tax consultant Neil Tipping highlights potential PPR pitfalls when selling houses and land

Tax / Bank of Mum and Dad shuts door over trust issues

Lack of trust in potential in-laws is leading parents to review the use of cash payments to children for house purchases with alternatives such as will trusts and ringfencing deposits under consideration 

Tax / Q&A: liability for higher rate stamp duty land tax in property transactions

In our regular Q&A, Vivienne Cheung, tax advisor at Croner Taxwise, considers the compliance issues for the 3% higher rate stamp duty when two properties adjacent to each other are purchased by a married couple, one for residential use

Tax / Spain cracks down on 'aggressive tax planning' by foreign property investors

With Spanish tax authorities prosecuting tax evaders and the launch of the beneficial owner register, anyone invested in property via a corporate structure should review their tax position. León Fernando Del Canto, a barrister at Normanton Chambers, examines the tax rules

Tax / Chancellor backtracks on plans for stamp duty reform

Chancellor Sajid Javid has moved swiftly to backtrack on claims he is considering changing the way in which stamp duty land tax (SDLT) is levied, so it moves from the purchaser to the vendor of a property, although he has indicated an overhaul of the tax regime for buying and selling homes is a top priority

Tax / Capital allowances under structures and buildings allowance (SBA)

The newly launched structures and buildings allowance (SBA) gives a 2% flat rate capital allowance tax break on expenditure incurred after 28 October 2018. Zigurds Kronbergs, tax writer at Croner-i, explains 

Tax / OTS reviews tax reporting for self employed

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has launched a project to review tax reporting and payment arrangements for self-employed people and buy-to-let landlords

Tax / Number of inheritance tax investigations increases

One in four estates face investigations over their inheritance tax (IHT) payments as HMRC ramps up anti-avoidance activity with probes into £1.3bn worth of tax liability

Tax / Q&A: 'main' residence versus bolt-hole for higher rate stamp duty

In our regular Q&A, Alexandra Fielding CTA, tax adviser at Croner Taxwise, considers the capital gains tax implications if a couple sell one of their homes, currently used as the family home but not designated as the primary residence for tax purposes

Tax / Changes to CGT property reliefs under fire

Government plans to change the capital gains tax (CGT) relief regime on private residences by halving the period for main residence exemption have been heavily criticised for displaying inconsistencies with the rules on stamp duty land tax (SDLT), and for a lack of  communication to those affected

Tax / Rules for non-residential structures and buildings allowance amended

HMRC has amended the compliance rules for a new capital allowance for non-residential structures and buildings (SBA) following consultation

Tax / Q&A: tax liability for property transfer in divorce

In our regular Q&A series, Croner Taxwise consultant Steven Jones warns divorcing couples to consider the capital gains tax (CGT) implications when a residential property is transferred to one partner in the event of divorce in a no gain, no loss situation under section 58 of TCGA 1992

Tax / Wales raises £226m from property taxes under devolution

In the first year of operation, Wales has collected over £200m from property taxes through a new land transaction tax, the equivalent of stamp duty land tax in England, with average payments under £3,000