Tax / Stride back in the chair at Treasury Committee

Mel Stride MP has been re-appointed chair of the Treasury Committee, following general election shake-up which means all committee chairs need to be re-elected

Tax / Digital services tax will be temporary

The Chancellor has given the April digital services tax for multinationals the go ahead at the World Economic Forum, but only a short-term basis

Tax / US and France negotiate digital tax agreement

There are signs that France and the US are looking for a way to end their dispute over French plans to introduce a digital tax, which has seen the US threaten retaliatory tariffs on French products

Tax / Government waters down loan charge rules

The government has backed down on original time frame for loan charge compliance giving taxpayers who signed up to schemes approved by HMRC before 2015 greater leniency and offering five-year time to pay arrangements

Tax / Flybe saved by deferral of £106m flight tax bill

The government has caved into pressure from regional UK airline carrier, Flybe, which was flying in the face of potential administration, delaying payment on a £100m plus tax bill for airline passenger duty

Tax / Scottish Budget confirmed for 6 February before UK Budget

Scotland is to go ahead with a Budget in early February, five weeks before the UK Budget due to legislative requirements to finalise funding for councils

Tax / Budget set for 11 March

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid, has announced that the first post-Brexit Budget will take place on Wednesday 11 March 2020, and will focus on ‘delivering world-class public services and leveling up the whole country’

Tax / Queen’s Speech confirms audit reforms and rise in NIC threshold

Plans to increase the threshold for national insurance, overhaul the audit regulator and hike research and development (R&D) tax relief and were confirmed in the Queen’s Speech

Tax / Sajid Javid remains as Chancellor after minor reshuffle

After the election brought an 80-seat majority for the Conservatives. PM Boris Johnson has left most of his Cabinet unchanged with Sajid Javid reconfirmed at number 11

Tax / Conservatives plan minor cabinet reshuffle

As the Conservatives returned to parliament with an 80-seat majority and Brexit scheduled for 31 January, Boris Johnson confirmed there would be a minor Cabinet reshuffle next week

Tax / Election 2019: how party tax policies stack up

Zak Jakubowski examines the tax plans of the main political parties and their impact on businesses and individual taxpayers. Plus, download our quick party-by-party guide on tax pledges

Tax / Brexit Party plan to ‘abolish inheritance tax’

The Brexit Party want to stop inheritance tax (IHT) and exempt small businesses with profits before tax of under £50,000 from corporation tax

Tax / Labour and Conservative spending plans unrealistic says IFS

The Labour pledge to not raise taxes is ‘clearly not true’, the same Tory promise is doubtful as their plans would result in ‘taxing or borrowing more’

Tax / SNP plans to stop Brexit and protect whisky

The SNP want to reduce tax on whisky sales, close tax avoidance loopholes and invest oil and gas revenue into building greener infrastructure

Tax / Plaid Cymru calls for more tax powers

The Plaid Cymru party wants more financial powers to control taxation and funding for Wales, as under Scottish devolution