People with significant control (PSC) register – NEW CPD module

This month's CCH Daily CPD module focuses on the People with Significant Control (PSCs) legislation, covering the scope and identification of PSCs, relevant legal entities, indirect interests and how to maintain the PSC register

The purpose of the PSC register is to make it clear to businesses and other individuals who owns and controls UK companies, in order to improve corporate transparency.

The PSC regime applies to UK registered and unregistered companies; limited liability partnerships (LLPs); Scottish limited and qualifying partnerships; and European companies.

By completing this module you will be able to:

  • Be aware of who the regime applies to and how to identify a PSC;
  • Understand when a parent entity needs to be registered as a relevant legal entities (RLE);
  • Learn about some of the challenge areas in dealing with indirect interests; and
  • Understand the requirements for maintaining the register and notifying Companies House of changes.

The CPD module takes 15 minutes to complete and has a multiple choice questionnaire once the course is finished.

The course lecturer is Anne Cowley ACA, a senior technical writer of accounting at CCH.

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