Pay packet biggest pull for new graduates

New graduates are putting a large pay packet ahead of any other considerations when looking for a job, according to a survey of 2,205 students by Ernst & Young.

Salary moves up from second to joint first in the E&Y poll, with 22% of students ranking it as the most important consideration when choosing a future employer, alongside training and development opportunities.

This is the first time in five years that salary has been the number one consideration, as the top slot has always been held by training and development since the survey was first run in 2007. However, E&Y says its appeal to the class of 2013 has almost halved compared to previous years. In 2011, training and development secured 41% of the vote, compared to just 22% this year.

Liz Bingham, People leader at E&Y said: 'The impact of tuition fees and the realities of student debt are clear from this poll. Graduates still recognise the importance of the longer term benefits that ultimately come from pursuing an employer that offers training and development opportunities. But they are now also increasingly looking for jobs that will enable them to clear the burden of debt from their shoulders as quickly as possible.'

According to the poll, work-life balance is also becoming an increasingly important consideration for students when choosing an employer moving to third place in the ranking, up from fifth place in 2011.

Bingham said: 'This generation have grown up with more collaborative and virtual ways of working and expect the same opportunities to be available at their place of work. Employers need to recognise this and adapt if they are going to win the war for talent.'

E&Y is currently recruiting for over 800 graduate trainee positions and 750 places on its undergraduate programmes for 2013.

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