One in four gift charity donation over Christmas present

Over the festive period 28% of people are planning to donate to charity rather than give presents, a YouGov study shows


Over half of those planning to donate are driven by a desire to support specific causes, with 28% wanting to give back to society, generally highest amongst 45-54 year olds (34%), according to a sample of 2,000 people.

People are more aware of the environmental impacts their gifts can have as 10% said they would rather donate to reduce waste caused by gifts - the highest number of these respondents were London-based (18%).

But there are potential risks with giving to charity and it is always important to check out the veracity of any organisation.

Helen Stephenson CBE, chief executive of the Charity Commission said: ‘We already knew that the British public are generous, and so I am thrilled that almost one in three of us are considering giving to charity instead of giving presents this Christmas.

‘I want to make sure this benefits legitimate charities, so it’s really important that people give with their heads as well as their hearts by carrying out some simple checks.’

The Charity Commission has issued advice to help the public give safely to charity during the Christmas holidays.

The Charity Commission advises donators to make sure the charity is genuine before giving any financial information by checking the charity’s name and registration number.

The public should never feel pressured by a fundraiser to make a donation. Ask the collector for more information if in doubt about the charity and check whether street collectors are wearing a proper ID badge.

The Commission also advise that donators should check whether fundraising materials are genuine. They should feature the charity’s name, registered number and a landline contact number.

If there is any suspicion regarding a charity’s legitimacy, then report it to the police or submit a complaint to the Charity Commission or the Fundraising Regulator.

Stephenson added: ‘Swapping presents for donations is a purposeful step for many and we want to help people who will be thinking carefully about who to give to.

‘There is a charity for every cause - our online register allows the public to access key information about registered charities, including how they spend their money, what they do, and who their trustees are. I encourage everyone to use this tool to inform their choice.’

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