Nissan ex-chief Ghosn has escaped Japan

Ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn, who is facing trial in Japan for alleged financial misconduct, fled the country on a private jet to Lebanon

Ghosn arrived in Beirut on New Year’s Eve after first landing in Turkey where seven arrests have been made in connection with his escape – a manager of a cargo company and four pilots and two airline workers, according to Turkish media.

Ghosn holds three passports in France, Lebanon and Brazil which were handed over to his legal team in Japan.

France have said they will not extradite him if he enters the country, and Japan has no extradition treaty with Lebanon.

Nissan paid $15m (£12m) and the former Nissan CEO had paid $1m and been given a 10-year company officer ban, to settle fraud charges brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) relating to failure to disclose over $140m of pay and benefits in 2018.

The US regulator said that from 2004, Nissan's board delegated to Ghosn the authority to set individual director and executive compensation levels, including his own.

From 2009 until his arrest in Tokyo in November 2018, Ghosn, with substantial assistance from another former Nissan director, Greg Kelly, and subordinates at Nissan, engaged in a scheme to conceal more than $90m of compensation from public disclosure, while also taking steps to increase Ghosn's retirement allowance by more than $50m.

Ghosn was released on bail in April 2019 after posting ¥1bn (£6.8m) before his trial. 

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