Neil Tipping

Neil Tipping

Neil Tipping is a senior tax consultant and team leader for the consultancy team at Croner Taxwise, managing a multi-disciplinary team dealing with the full range of corporation tax and income tax enquiries, all aspects of employment taxes enquiries including national minimum wage and written technical consultancy.

He has worked in tax for over 30 years, starting in Customs and Excise before transferring to the Inland Revenue. He has also worked in various practices including Grant Thornton and PwC, and currently specialises in technical enquiry work.

For further information, please contact the Croner Taxwise consultancy team on 0844 728 0120 or  by email


Tax / HMRC information notices: resistance is futile?

A dispute between a taxpayer and HMRC over the format of tax data provided for an information notice for disclosure under schedule 36 of Finance Act 2008 could only be resolved at a tax tribunal. Neil Tipping, senior tax consultant at Croner Taxwise, examines the issues

Tax / HMRC’s approach to private residence relief (PRR) enquiries

HMRC is questioning the basis for more claims for private residence relief (PRR) than ever before as it eyes up opportunities to increase the tax take from property sales. Croner Taxwise senior tax consultant Neil Tipping highlights potential PPR pitfalls when selling houses and land

Tax / HMRC Connect: how the taxman is targeting taxpayers' personal data

The increasing power of HMRC’s data manipulation tool, Connect, is a warning for all taxpayers as the authorities gather more powers to interrogate individual taxpayer data and identify potential tax avoidance by analysing individuals' behavioural and spending patterns, warns Neil Tipping, senior tax consultant 

Tax / Advance payment notices (APN): a step too far?

HMRC’s regime of advance payment notices (APNs) could go too far and net just about any tax liability in dispute - this doesn't bode well for the right to fairly defend one's tax planning, warns Neil Tipping, senior tax consultant

Tax / Recovery of tax tribunal costs - is it fair?

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is consulting on the recovery of costs in respect of the First Tier and Upper Tax Tribunals but some of the suggestions may not make for a fairer landscape going forward, says Neil Tipping, senior tax consultant

Tax / Code of governance for tax disputes

When HMRC visits, the risk of landing a penalty for miscalculating tax escalates. We take a look at a firm at the sharp end of an investigation