NAO deepens analysis of £1.7 trillion government spending

The National Audit Office (NAO) reviewed £1.7 trillion of government expenditure over the past year, and reports its work led to positive financial impacts of £1.1bn

According to its annual report and accounts 2019-20, the audit watchdog published 42 value for money reports on government spending, as well as handling 14 investigations and seven EU exit outputs.

In total, the NAO certified over 400 accounts.  It also provided evidence for 34 Public Accounts Committee (PAC) sessions.

In addition, the year saw the NAO taking on new audit responsibilities including for the Financial Report Council, S4C (Channel 4 Wales) and of the delivery and sponsor bodies carrying out the restoration and renewal of the Palace of Westminster.

The NAO has published a five-year strategy for the period 2020-25, which sets out three priorities.

The first is to improve effective accountability and scrutiny, by upgrading its methodology and software to deliver higher-quality audits using data analytics.

Secondly, the watchdog intends to make better use of its analytical and audit expertise to identify how public services can be improved. The aim is to produce more insightful and practical recommendations that lead to better outcomes.

Finally, the NAO wants to provide more accessible independent insight, by synthesising its knowledge on important issues and making it easier for others to understand and apply the lessons learned.

NAO annual report and accounts 2019-20

NAO strategy 2020-25

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