London tops ranking for accountancy graduates

Prospects for accountancy and finance graduates are best in London, followed by Aberdeen, in terms of the highest salaries and number of vacancies

Greater London came out on top with an index of 85.27, with the highest median salary across the country at £46,500 across all types of finance jobs.

Aberdeenshire came in at second place with a score of 80.31. The county has the highest median salary of all the UK at £42,000, 31.43% higher than the national average.

In the accountancy sector, there were 1,256 graduate roles nationwide with an average minimum starting salary of £33,572. The maximum average salary was £41,002 with a median salary of £37,287.

The national average salary for graduates across the finance sector was £31,956. The index was produced by research by recruiters InvestinGoal and the score was determined by the average starting salary and the number of vacancies in the county.

London had the second largest number of listings with 39 job adverts per 100,000 residents. With a population of 8.8m, the number of graduate jobs per 100,000 people meant there were over 3,000 listings.

The average number of graduate jobs per 100,000 people in the financial industry is relatively low at just 11.

Berkshire was fourth on the list, driven by demand for accountants and finance graduates in Reading and the Thames Valley.

Aberdeenshire was one of the four counties in the top 10 for Scotland, along with Stirling in third place, Lothian in fifth and Lanarkshire in ninth.

As well as Scotland featuring heavily, Armagh, in Northern Ireland, was in seventh place with a score of 71.46 with the highest amount of job listings per 100,000 people (67). The population is currently at 174,790. 

Brokerage specialist InvestinGoal analysed 9,000 graduate finance sector job listings from across the UK.

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