Lack of social mobility across accounting profession warns AAT

The accounting profession has been criticised for being too elitist in its recruitment policies, favouring graduates over those who have pursued vocational paths into accounting, according to the latest AAT report into the prevalance of vocational education across firms

The AAT latest report focuses on vocational education as a driving force for social mobility especially for accounting and small businesses.

About 60% of private sector employment in the UK comes from SMEs according to the federation of small businesses (FSB).

They also found that 90% of SMEs believe that engaging with a school or college is important despite only half of SMEs doing so.

Vocational education is becoming increasingly attractive to businesses but needs to be accompanied by stakeholder promotion of its key place in preparing people for the workplace.

Even though there are government policies in place, the size of SMEs doesn’t allow them to improve on social mobility. Little resources means that these businesses are unable to invest in lengthy recruitment processes or engage in a training process once the recruit joins.

The recruitment processes of 60% of private sector employers inhibit the chances of many young people getting their ‘foot in the door’.

Vocational education can help provide greater links between employers and potential employees, it can also increase the number of SMEs by encouraging entrepreneurship. This doesn’t only improve social mobility but ingrains within the small businesses the importance of vocational education.

SMEs need help when increasing social mobility but by doing so they can take better advantage of a higher skilled workforce.

Michael Martins, Institute of Directors (IoD) said: ‘A third of the IoD’s members prefer apprentices in comparison to graduates and want to see a demand for vocational studies’. 

Amy Austin |Reporter, Accountancy Daily [2016-2019]

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