KPMG signs deal with Google Cloud

Big Four firm KPMG has partnered with Google Cloud in a bid to improve its regulatory compliance and customer service using artificial intelligence (AI)

Senior Google Cloud developers and KPMG’s team of certified consultants will work together on developing new services using advanced analytics to improve regulatory compliance and IT upgrading.

They will create a joint team of 100 staff by the end of the year, incorporating the internal IT team who are migrating 10% of KPMG’s internal workloads to Google Cloud during the course of the year.

As part of the alliance, a further two new solutions are being developed on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are being developed.

The services are being developed on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and include an AI chatbot and a compliance tool for financial services.

The AI chatbot provides 24/7 responses to financial services clients to improve service levels and policy compliance by internal staff. It has a search facility to find policy content – instead of waiting for a human response and will help to reduce headcount.

A KPMG spokesperson told Accountancy Daily this specific announcement is for KPMG in the UK, but ‘the 24/7 nature of this agreement will enable KPMG UK to build solutions for global clients who want them to run 24/7’.

KPMG said the solution has been designed ‘to enable queries to increase without service denigration or a linear increase in headcount, and for management to derive behavioural analytics about query source and information demands’.

It is also developing a tool targeted at lenders that provide loans to commercial clients. Reimagined Credit is a data led product using AI to improve returns on capital and reduce credit risk. It is due to be launched in April 2020.

Gavin Booth, KPMG Google Cloud business alliance UK lead said: ‘The combination of Google’s technology platform and KPMG’s business implementation approach, deep functional experience and scale of certified staff, will propel the delivery of digital solutions to a first-class quality.

‘Enhancing our joint business with Google Cloud means faster execution and lower risk for clients who know that technology alone cannot deliver the business outcomes they need.’

Bruno Heese European MD, ecosystem development and channels at Google Cloud, said: ‘KPMG’s expertise in business transformation and management, paired with Google Cloud’s cloud infrastructure and capabilities in areas like AI, machine learning and analytics will be a great benefit for UK customers as they continue to migrate workloads to the cloud and take advantage of new cloud-based solutions.’

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