KPMG fines staff £100 for late timesheets

Staff at KPMG have been threatened with £100 fines if they are late to file their timesheets, which record how long an employee spends on tasks, more than four times over the course of a financial year

The fines, which are deducted from bonuses, are applied in situations when staff fail to submit their paperwork on time. The firm has yet to apply any of the fines.

However, the penalty would only apply if colleagues fail to fill out their timesheets in a timely manner more than four times over the course of a financial year. As the penalty comes out of an individual’s bonus, leaves more in the bonus pot for other employees who have met all of their responsibilities, KPMG argues that it is not a cost saving for the firm. 

According to a KPMG spokesperson, the approach is aimed at improving resource planning: ‘Like any professional services business, it is important that all of our people complete their timesheets on time, so that we can accurately track our revenue, record our work for clients and plan our resource effectively.

‘We are aiming for a 100% on time completion rate and have informed all colleagues why timesheets are important. Our partners who run our individual business areas are in charge of making sure their teams meet their responsibilities and in all areas do or will impose financial penalties for colleagues who breach the policy.

‘It is important to note that if colleagues are poorly or out of the office for other reasons, then there is flexibility on the deadlines to complete their timesheets.’

KPMG has previously trialled unique workplace policies on its employees, such as charging staff for lost computer equipment. In June 2018 it was reported to have introduced a compulsory three-day training session at which employees were taught yoga in a bid to reduce workplace stress.

Report by James Bunney

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