Juror claims £20k offered to fix Pilley fraud trial

Lancashire Police are investigating allegations of bribery of juror in the Andy Pilley contract fraud case

A member of the jury has come forward to the police saying he was bribed in March, two months before the trial ended. He claims to have been offered £20,000 to find the defendant guilty.

Fleetwood Town Football Club released a statement acknowledging new information and confirming senior officers are investigating the allegations.

Lancashire Police told Accountancy Daily: ‘While the initial investigation was closed this was subject to review by senior officers which is standard practice as part of the closure process and as a result, we can confirm that this investigation remains subject to further enquiries by officers. It would be inappropriate to say any more at this time.’

Andy Pilley was jailed earlier this year for 13 years after being found guilty of defrauding small businesses out of £15m in electricity contract fraud in May.

A £20,000 bribe was allegedly offered to the anonymous juror by two ‘thick-set’ men in a park threatening him of ‘consequences’ if the offer was not accepted. The men also made clear other members of the jury had accepted the offer.

The juror fled the country and was excused from the rest of his jury service. Once he discovered the outcome of the trial, he reported the incident to the police.

He explained the police told him they would not be taking the issue further as ‘there was no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing’ but once being contacted by Mail Sport, Lancashire Police have said CID officers are investigating.

The juror told Mail Sport: ‘Everyone deserves a fair trial and people need to know what happened.’

Ex football chairman jailed for £15m electricity fraud

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