Jailed tax fraudster ordered to repay £1.1m

A convicted tax fraudster, who stole millions of pounds to fund a life of luxury cars and homes, has been ordered to repay £1.1 million or spend more time in prison

Jason Butler, 49, formerly of Leeds, was jailed for nine years in March 2018, for masterminding a multimillion pound international tax fraud.

An investigation by HMRC revealed he created hundreds of false invoices to pocket millions of pounds in VAT and tried to hide the scam in a complex trading chain involving companies in the UK and overseas.

Butler used the stolen money to help fund a lifestyle of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, luxury homes in Marbella and Leeds, and a speedboat.

Now Butler faces selling a classic Rolls-Royce and a number of residential properties he owns in and around Leeds, as well as company shares, after he was ordered to repay £1.1m within three months, or face a further seven years in prison and still owe the money.

Butler was found guilty of VAT fraud and sentenced to nine years in prison at Leeds Crown Court on 26 March 2018.

At a confiscation hearing on 26 April 2021, the court ordered him to repay £1,112,670 within three months. If he fails to pay the confiscation order he faces another seven years in prison and will still owe the money, and any interest accrued.

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