IT delays hit Ireland’s online country-by-country reporting

Ireland’s tax authority has had to extend the deadline for multinationals to submit their first country by country (CbC) reports, which are due on 31 December, into next year after delays with implementing a new online filing system

In a statement, the Irish Revenue Commissioners said: ‘Due to the late availability of the CbC reporting filing facility, it will remain open for, and accept, CbC reports for fiscal years ending in 2016 up to 28 February 2018.’

The electronic CbC reporting filing system developed by Revenue includes a standard validation module that is being provided by the EU Commission. However, due to late changes to the CbC reporting schema, the final version of the validation module is not yet available.

As a result, there will be a delay in the Irish tax authority making the CbC Reporting filing system available. It says it is expected that the tested version of the validation module will be received in mid-December and integrated with the Revenue system shortly thereafter.

The Irish tax authority said that the electronic CbC reporting notification filing facility continues to be operational. ‘Customers should ensure that they provide their notifications to Revenue, as required by the CbC reporting legislation, as soon as possible if they have not already done so. The filing of a notification is a prerequisite to enable the subsequent filing of reports," it said.

Revenue says it will issue a further update when the required validation module has been received.

Similar issues have led to Australian Tax Office to extend its deadline to 15 February 2018 for ‘significant global entities’ to file their CbC reports.

Report by Pat Sweet

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