International tax

Tax / Call to rethink tax system to tackle climate change

In the week of the annual UN conference on climate change, ACCA is calling for governments to rethink the design of the tax system holistically in a bid to counter the impact of climate change on business and society, by increasing taxes on pollution and natural resource use

Tax / Corporate taxes and VAT drive revenue spike

Tax revenues in advanced economies have continued to increase, with taxes on companies and personal consumption representing an increasing share of total government revenues, according to an annual review by the OECD

Tax / EU council hears doubts over digital services tax

The EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) has discussed the implementation of a digital services tax, with representatives disagreeing on how such a tax would work in practice and some countries calling for a delay until the OECD reaches a solution

Tax / EU committee backs VAT reverse charge

The EU committee on economic and monetary affairs has voted in favour of a proposed amendment to the EU VAT directive, allowing member states struggling with fraud to temporarily change the way it is recovered

Tax / Q&A: deemed domicile and remittance basis

In our regular Q&A series, Julian Payner, tax adviser at Croner Taxwise, examines issues of domicile and the remittance basis when completing a self assessment tax return for income tax and CGT for a Spaniard living in the UK

Tax / HMRC set to collect £11.9bn in Scottish income tax

HMRC estimates Scottish rate of income tax revenue (SRIT) for 2017-18 will be £11.9bn, reflecting the more comprehensive tax setting powers available, and has implemented assurance processes to ensure collection, the annual National Audit Office (NAO) review has found

Tax / Dodwell: sounds like an online tax for multinationals

Bill Dodwell, senior policy adviser at the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS), examines the controversial digital services tax on giant online multinationals and considers what tax other countries will introduce as a result

Tax / UK agrees customs arrangements with crown dependencies

The UK has signed a series of arrangements with the crown dependencies to maintain and reaffirm its close customs relationships, which will come into force when they and the UK leave the EU customs union

Tax / 30 months to build Brexit IT systems, HMRC tells committee

Appearing before the Treasury committee, senior HMRC figures including Jon Thompson admitted that building post-Brexit IT systems could take longer than two years, and defended HMRC’s approach to tackling disguised remuneration arrangements

Tax / Meghan Markle’s tax status puts Royal finances in view

Meghan Markle could be bringing more than a touch of Hollywood glamour to her new role as Duchess of Sussex, with reports that the former actress may also be adding to the Royal Family’s tax complications while she remains a US citizen

Tax / UK ranked second in G20 for tax compliance

The UK has the second most effective tax system in the G20 for the ease of paying business taxes, with companies taking an average of 105 hours to prepare and file taxes, but remains outside the global top 20, according to research by PwC and the World Bank

Tax / BHP Billiton agrees A$500m Australian transfer pricing settlement

The Anglo-Australian mining, metals and petroleum multinational BHP Billiton has reached an agreement with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to settle a long-running transfer pricing dispute

Tax / Tech giants to fight EU ‘link tax’

Tech giants are redoubling their opposition to moves by the European Parliament to update online copyright laws, amid claims that some of the new provisions amount to a ‘link tax’ for providers like Google who republish content

Tax / Claiming children on US tax returns after divorce

US attorney Judith Goldberg discusses the complexity of divorce in the US, and the tax rules and compliance issues associated with the custody of children that divorcing spouses need to take into consideration

Tax / OECD cracks down on misuse of preferential tax regimes

The OECD says international efforts spearheaded by its base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project to curb harmful tax practices and prevent the misuse of preferential tax regimes are having a tangible impact worldwide, according to its latest report on progress