International tax

Tax / UK taxes highest since 1950s

Taxes are high by historical standards accounting for over a third of GDP at 34.4%, increasing almost 7% from the 1950s

Tax / Vodafone hit by 'excessive' taxes on Indian business

Vodafone is warning that it may review its India business if it is not able to resolve outstanding regulatory issues with the Indian authorities

Tax / EU plans overhaul of cross-border VAT rules

The EU is set to tighten VAT rules to improve fraud detection in cross-border e-commerce transactions and simplify requirements for SMEs

Tax / OECD consults on global tax rules to stop profit shifting

The OECD is consulting on its global anti-base erosion (GloBE) proposal which is designed to prevent multinationals from profit shifting, by developing rules which would effectively create a minimum tax rate worldwide

Tax / Gaines-Cooper returns to tribunal over disputed £30m tax bill

Multimillionaire Robert Gaines-Cooper is back in the tax courts at the First Tier Tribunal disputing a long-running avoidance case centring on tax liability and domicile issues

Tax / HMRC targets offshore investment fund holders

HMRC will be sending high net worth individuals advisory letters warning them to submit offshore investment returns correctly to avoid tax penalties  

Tax / Australian backpacker tax ruled illegal

Some 75,000 casual holiday-workers may be in line for payouts of thousands of dollars from the Australian Tax Office (ATO)

Tax / Cairn Energy faces further delay in Indian tax dispute

FTSE 250 oil explorer and producer Cairn Energy has announced another delay in its long-running dispute with the Indian government over a £1bn tax claim, which will now not be settled before next year

Tax / US makes first move towards beneficial ownership register

The US House of Representatives has passed the Corporate Transparency Bill, marking the first stage in a bid to clamp down on shell companies with opaque ownership

Tax / EU push for public country-by-country reporting by multinationals

Members of the European parliament have adopted a resolution urging member states to agree to new rules obliging multinationals to disclose publicly what taxes they pay in each country

Tax / Intercompany agreements and transfer pricing

HMRC’s greater focus on transfer pricing is testing intercompany agreements to breaking point, explains Paul Sutton, founder of LCN Legal 

Tax / Digital services tax: what's wrong with the UK plan

Sarah Arnold, tax writer at Croner-i, explains the key objections to the draft legislation on the government's proposed digital services tax, due to come into force in April 2020, reflecting industry concerns about the complexity of the rules and lack of clarity in the draft legislation

Tax / Scots confused over devolved tax powers regime

Scots are struggling more than ever to understand how devolved tax powers work,  but a majority are supportive of Scottish government plans for new tourist and car parking taxes, according to research by CIOT

Tax / HMRC ramps up rating system for large company tax compliance

Starting this month, HMRC is enhancing Business Risk Review with a new approach to assessing the level of tax compliance at the UK’s biggest companies, adopting a more graduated series of risk ratings which it says will encourage greater compliance

Tax / OECD tax overhaul would see profits taxed by jurisdiction

The OECD is consulting on plans for a major change to the international rules on taxing multinationals (MNEs), including digital companies, so that they pay tax wherever they have significant consumer-facing activities and generate their profits