Interim manager appointed at charity under investigation

The Charity Commission has appointed Adam Stephens, partner at Smith and Williamson, as interim manager to Aid Convoy, which is facing a statutory inquiry into its finances

London-based Aid Convoy is a registered charity that describes itself as an international humanitarian organisation committed to assisting victims of disasters and wars, and which has launched appeals for people affected by the conflict in Syria.

In 2014 the Commission opened an inquiry into the charity examining issues relating to the end use of charitable funds, and whether there has been any mismanagement or misconduct on behalf of the charity trustees.

Aid Convoy’s accounts for the financial year ended 1 April 2018 showed income of £321,072 and expenditure of £346,190. Accounts for the financial year ending 1 April 2019 indicate income of £199,206 and spending of £235,089.

Now, as part of the inquiry and in light of what it calls ‘continued concerns’, Stephens has been appointed to act as interim manager, to the exclusion of the charity’s trustees.

Interim managers are appointed as a temporary and protective measure where the Commission has identified misconduct and/or mismanagement in the administration of a charity, or where there is a need to protect a charity’s property.

The interim manager’s role is to take control the day-to-day running of the charity while addressing its future viability.

The Commission’s inquiry continues.

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