HR webinar: redundancy, absence management, conduct

Join our HR webinar to keep up to date with the latest issues on redundancy, absence management and conduct for accounting and finance professionals

Our exclusive HR webinar will be held at 11am on Wednesday 17 May with our expert presenter Amanda Chadwick. 

Happy International HR Day! We are encouraging business professionals across the UK to say thanks to their HR departments this week in recognition of International HR day.

HR professionals face a lot of enquiries and questions on a day-to-day basis.

Right now, redundancy, absence management and conduct are the hot topics in HR, and accounting and finance professionals can use guidance on these areas as it affects their line of work.

For instance, do you know what needs to be considered when selecting employees for redundancy? 

Three issues to consider:

  • Skills and experience
  • Attendance and disciplinary records
  • Standard of work performance

Join us for our webinar at 11am on 17 May and while you’re at it, invite your HR manager along while we discuss the biggest HR topics on a global scale right now.

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