HMRC’s online inheritance tax service unavailable

HMRC’s online page for inheritance tax (IHT) is currently unavailable, with the department stating it is working with its IT partners to provide an urgent fix for the unspecified difficulties

Problems with the service were first highlighted yesterday afternoon, but the message remains in place this morning.

When users attempt to log in to the online service, they see a message saying it is unavailable.

The message states they will be able to use the service later, and that the system has saved their progress on the estate report.

Anyone who wishes to submit the estate report urgently, within the next two days, is advised to use one of two paper forms.

These are IHT205 for excepted estates where no IHT is payable, or IHT400 for non-excepted estates and estates where IHT is payable.

HMRC says the notes on these forms explain more if there is uncertainty about which form to use.

There is no information currently about when the IHT online service will be up and running, nor about the nature of the IT problem.

Inheritance Tax: service availability and issues is here.

Report by Pat Sweet

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