HMRC workers set for three-day rolling strike action

HMRC workers are set to strike next week over grievances about performance related pay, job cuts and office closures, with 31 July identified as a key action day as it coincides with one of the most important dates in the annual tax calendar for self-employed people and the tax credits deadline.

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) has confirmed that there will be three days of rolling action.

A PCO spokesperson said: ‘Members have been pushed to breaking point. Despite our best efforts to get the department to see sense it is continuing with the despised performance management system, office closure plans, privatisation and job cuts agenda.’

‘All our HMRC members are being asked to take one day of action as part of a rolling programme to send a clear message to our employer that HMRC must improve.

‘The walkouts from 30 July-1 August coincide with two key dates in the tax calendar as 31 July is the deadline for tax credit renewal and is also the date by which self-employed people have to make their second tax payment, if they are paying in two instalments.’

The strikes will affect different areas of the UK, with action scheduled for:

Wednesday 30 July - North West England and Wales

Thursday 31 July - Scotland and English Midlands

Friday 1 August - Northern (including Cumbria), Yorkshire and Humber, Eastern, London and South East, South West and Northern Ireland.

HMRC will maintain services during the action, with online provision available for most enquiries and services. 

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