HMRC will not send out confirmation emails for MTD VAT returns

HMRC has issued a last-minute update to its guidance stating that it will not be sending out confirmation emails on receipt of Making Tax Digital for VAT submissions

Anyone filing VAT returns by commercial software will receive a confirmation notice from their individual software provider rather than direct from HMRC. The MTD guidance was updated today.

Within a day of the first major deadline date for Making Tax Digital, HMRC has updated its guidance to clarify the process; in the past, taxpayers would have received a confirmation from HMRC with a numeric code confirming that the return had been received.

Existing VAT online accounts can be viewed to check details on the returns. There is also no need to change direct debit details as HMRC will automatically update this information.

All VAT registered businesses over the £85,000 VAT threshold have to file VAT returns using software, although HMRC has said it will take a more lenient approach than normal if there are issues around the digital filing. However, VAT payments must be made on time otherwise normal penalties will apply.

According to the latest HMRC figures, an estimated 800,000 organisations have signed up for MTD for VAT, while 1.2m entities need to file under the new regime. HMRC told Accountancy Daily that around 10,000 businesses are signing up on a daily basis.

More than 1.2m organisations must submit their VAT information digitally, directly from MTD-compatible software. Government figures indicate that £9.9bn is lost due to avoidable errors, £3bn of which is linked to VAT.

Sara White | 08-08-2019

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