HMRC updates tax-free inherited imports appeals guidance

HMRC has issued an update to the notice explaining how to import inherited goods into the UK free of duty and VAT, with changes to the section detailing what to do if an individual does not agree with a HMRC decision

Relief is available for those who inherit goods from a deceased person and are either an EU resident or a non-profit making company established in the EU.

This relief covers any goods included in the estate of the deceased intended for personal use or for meeting household needs. Examples include jewellery, stamp collections, bicycles and private motor vehicles, pleasure craft and private aircraft, household furnishings, family pets and saddle animals, and portable items (such as doctor’s bag, musicians’ instruments, photographers’ cameras and equipment) used by the deceased in their trade or profession.

Relief is not available for alcoholic drinks, tobacco and tobacco products, stocks of raw materials and finished or semi-finished products, tools of trade, commercial vehicles, livestock and stocks of agricultural products which are more than what are required to meet a family’s normal needs, goods bought from the executor of the estate, or goods bought or received as a gift from the person who legally inherited them.

According to the update guidance, for those disagreeing with a decision HMRC has issued regarding the availability of relief, there are two options available.

Any who wants a review should write back to the decision maker within 30 days of the date of their letter, giving the reasons why they do not agree with their decision.

The second option is an appeal direct to the tribunal, which is independent of HMRC.

If someone chooses to have their case reviewed they will still be able to appeal to the tribunal if they disagree with the outcome.

It is also possible to phone imports and exports helpline.

Notice 368: importing inherited goods free of duty and VAT is here.

The imports and exports helpline details are here.

Guidance HMRC1: HM Revenue and Customs decisions - what to do if you disagree is here.

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