HMRC trials changes to reduce mistakes on self assessment online returns

HMRC is running a trial designed to improve self assessment online returns process for taxpayers and iron out problems with the final filing process

The changes aim to correct and reduce any errors that currently occur at the point of filing.

HMRC has identified 21 of the most common errors that are made and has created three different messages to help taxpayers avoid making mistakes with their self assessment returns.

The most common problems, identified by HMRC, include:

  • permanent messages – displayed above the question for customers to read before they complete the relevant section;
  • warning messages – these appear when incorrect information could have been entered, ie, ticks in more than one box. These can be bypassed; and
  • error messages – when information is known to be incorrect because of data that has already been entered. Taxpayers will have to amend information before they can continue.

The trial will run on the HMRC website from May 2016 until the end of the financial year. There will be a trial and control group so not all self assessment taxpayers will see the messages.

The feedback from the trial will shape the development of new services and improvements to the current self assessment system.

Tax advisers who file for multiple clients using HMRC software may not always see the messages either.

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